Hey, Fighter!
It’s not been easy. Of course, I’d know. Your tear-soaked pillows tell the tale of all you’ve been through. You carry that heavy heart all day, wondering when it’ll all end. Your sleeves are a symbol of everything you have witnessed; the sweat and the tears.

I see you, trying desperately to rise above all that life has thrown your way. I see you stubbornly dodging those obstacles and refusing to believe you’re worth less. I see you swimming against the rough tides of life and I must say that I admire your resilience.

Even when your teachers looked you in the eyes and said “you’re worthless”, you didn’t let them get to you. Even when your parents called you “useless” and wished they hadn’t brought you into this world, you looked at them and silently uttered prayers for them. You gathered all the stones life had hurled at you, and with them you’re building a castle. Yes, I see you building a castle with the overwhelming problems life had thrown at you. I see you building a beautiful mansion out of that mess.

You’re a warrior. Yes, you are. You, who have nothing, no connections, no fame, no friend, and lots of foes. You’re making a name for yourself as a valiant warrior who has decided to live her best life and provide a better future even for the next generation. You resolved in your mind never to become a victim of circumstances, and I’m here, cheering you on.

They say, heaven helps those who help themselves, but you have tried all you know how to do and it still seems like heaven is watching, with their hands folded. You have thought of giving up so many times. Yes, you have asked yourself, “is it even worth it?” But, darling, it is. It’s all worth it. You’re worth it. Your future is worth it.

Don’t give up. You’re worth more. Your beautiful dreams are the keys to the better world we all wish for. This world is eagerly awaiting your Light. Yes, we need that beautiful glittering shine. You’re on your way to becoming an amazing hero. Your story will be read all over the world and many like you, will draw inspiration from that story. Keep on fighting. Keep on winning.

Yours in Love,
A fellow Fighter.

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