Ever looked back at your young innocent self with regrets on your lips and tears in your eyes?

“Oh! If I had known, I’d have run in the opposite direction when I saw his face!”…or “her face”, whichever suits your situation.

I’m sure the female character in “Acrimony”— I don’t remember her name, but she’ll always be Cookie to me— I’m sure even as she told that story, she’d have wished she ran into the opposite direction when she ran into that cunny, conniving, smiling, nobody on that fateful rainy day. She’d have just ignored him, but “Fate” deceived her. Just like it deceived me and still deceives people even till today.

You run into someone at the bus-stop by 7am on your way to the office. You think nothing until you meet that same person by 10am in your office trying to get a job as your secretary. On your way back, she’s there again at the same bus-stop. Stupid Cupid with the blunt arrows, slyly whispers into your fairytale-deluded mind, “Could this be Fate?”

That’s the first thought that creeps in and gullible you allows it to stay in. When you could have simply thought, “What does she want?” “Is she stalking me?” ” Maybe she just moved in… ” None of these thoughts creep into your mind. It just had to be Fate.

Dear Reader, I am sorry if I sound pissed, bitter, regretful or all of the above. I really can’t help it. What Einstein introduced Fate as a concept? Who was the foolish old white-haired man with nothing better to do with his time, than to declare Fate as a reality we should all embrace? Who encouraged the mad man’s delusions?!

Fate is a scam!

You read that right. In fact, in the history of English, no four-lettered word successfully scams people like Fate. Not even Love, which you’re thinking of. You see, Love has been so abused that in today’s world, only the gullible believe in it. Fate, however, still deceives even the brightest minds.

“We’re wearing the same shirt. It must be fate.”
“We’re reading the same book. It’s definitely fate.”
“I’ve seen you everywhere today. We must be destined to be together.”

“Oh Foolish humans! Who has bewitched us into refusing to see things as they are but as an orchestration of sorts? What evil has possessed us so?!”

Reader, once again, kindly pardon my ramblings. I’m drunk, heartbroken, and broke. I was stripped of my sanity, my heart’s wholeness and every financial wealth I ever gained. Surely, you must understand why my mind isn’t together.

I am sitting on the cold hard floor of what used to be my comfortable place of abode, reminiscing on what used to be before that scheming witch came into my life.

“I curse the day I met you, Bimpe! I curse the day I met you!” I scream into the empty apartment and the echoes of my pain come back at me. I take another swig from the bottle I hold in my hand.

“Bimpe, may you die an unfortunate death! May a trailer run into you and destroy that beauty you wield as a tool of destruction! May all the wealth you stole from me swallow you up until you’re six feet below. Bimpe, may you die a sudden death!” I take another swig from my bottle, staring at my now empty home.

If I had known that Fate was nothing but a lie from the pit of hell, I would have sped along when I saw her at the bus-stop. If I had known Cupid was just a frustrated baby, trying to play “God”, I would have yanked the arrow out of my head instantly. I would have refused to hire her as my secretary. If I had known, I wouldn’t have fallen for that deceitful smile.

Dear Reader, I know you’re itching to know what happened, and why Bimpe deserves nothing other than death, but this drunk man can’t go into details. Please pardon me once again.

I just want someone out there to understand that Fate doesn’t exist. No one is destined to be with you. You create and choose your own destiny.

Read this. Understand this. If you can. It’s all but a drunk man’s sad tale.

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