FORGETTING — “Who am I?”

FORGETTING — "Who am I?"

They were created to serve a purpose. They were all formed to serve one unique purpose. The Omniscient Creator designed for them to be gods on earth, bringing divinity into reality. Yes, men and women created He them for one reason— to reflect His glory, to reflect His image by focusing on Him and Him only. He was to be their sole(soul) model and their eyes were to be on Him. They were never to lack or want, but to be in plenty and sail on life’s waves. But something tragic began to happen. Something worse than an earthquake, and scarier than a tornado. They began to forget. The beautiful divinites were forgetting who they were. There’s nothing worse than a man forgetting who he is and why he is. They were in a tragic state.

They forgot to look at Him. They forgot to seek Him. They forgot to consult their manuals for instruction. Their identities were slipping away and they didn’t evem realise. They degenerated into a condition worse than animals. Even the angels wept when they saw this. The humans who were created with the breath of the Creator chose rather to be associated with fishes and apes. They decided it was better to suffer and toil painfully than to fight for a Creator who they didn’t even remember. The Creator saw their fickleness and shook His head sadly.

They looked at His works and said, “Who are you?”
Time and time again, He showed Himself to them, through signs, wonders and even a burning bush, but they still could not see Him. They would not remember. They gazed at the wondrous works He did, but that’s all they were to them, “wonder”. They refused to remember Him and they chose to forget their identities.

He made the barren fruitful, gave the stammerer the gift of speech. He gave the dead life and brought them out of captivity. And for a while, for a brief moment, they seemed to remember. But just as it had come, it disappeared overnight. A little wind came and took those memories away. They saw His works again, but not only did they forget, they grew contempt for him.

“You say you delivered us. Well, why did you do that? You probably just brought us here so we’d die. You should have just left us where you found us.”

The Creator was astounded at their foolishness. The angels shook their heads in disgust and pity.

“How can you not remember? How can you ask me who I am? I created those nostrils and breathed into them. How dare you sneer at Me?! How dare you doubt me? The very ground you’re standing on was made by my Word, how dare you question me? I created that mouth of yours, how dare you insult me?” He roared in pain and anger.

Heaven wept for these pitiful souls who were created to be higher than angels, but were subject even to the ground under their feet. Heaven wept for humanity.

They had forgotten the days when water gushed out of the rock to satisfy their thirst. They forgot the daily manna that fell from the sky to feed them. They forgot how the seas parted ways so they could walk on dry land. They forgot He who won their battles for them while all they did was sing and dance. They forgot their Creator. They forgot Love.

But Love never gives up. He never gave up. He looked around for one worthy enough to bear the message He had for them but He found none, so He descended from where He dwelt in all supremacy and Glory. He stripped off divinity like a robe and dwelt among them. He became as one of them and tried reminding them of who they were.

“You are the Light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. Love your neighbor as yourself. You have that ability.” He told them over and over again.

They looked at Him but they still would not remember. Instead, their hearts hardened and they could not stand Him. They sought to stone Him. They sought to silence Him. They were content in their ignorance. They were content in their darkness and would not listen to Him. He healed their diseases. He took away their pain, and yet they just wanted to see Him killed.

Finally, they took Him and hung Him on a cross. They stripped Him and mocked Him. He could have wiped them all out in that moment and start afresh. He could have commanded the ground to swallow them up and start from the garden of Eden afresh, but this time, there would be no serpents. However Mercy said no. Love said no. He knew they were only ignorant and they had no idea what they were doing. In His Love, He bore the price for their forgetfulness. He paid the price for their fickleness. He died and rose again.

His death and resurrection marked a new era in Heaven. The angels rejoiced. He ascended back to Heaven but left His Spirit with them. And soon, slowly, they began to remember.

Blind eyes were opened. The lame walked. All that were oppressed of the devil were healed and divinity was reigning on earth. It was a beautiful era.

However, years have passed and once again, they’re forgetting. Their identities have been thrown with the wind. The angels are astounded. What sort of beings are these? How could they forget again? How could they?

They looked at one another, as they waddled in the pools of their inconsistencies and confusion. They asked themselves, “Who am I? Why am I here?”

Like blind men leading blind men, they stumbled in darkness. They came up with concepts and gave their realities new names. The vacuum in their souls cried out for satisfaction. They failed to remember their identities. They failed to remember Love.

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