What we had was timeless— it could span through generations and generations to come and still live on. What we shared was priceless— the most expensive gems and the brightest of diamonds couldn’t dare stand its light. My friend, what we had was immortal— its soul made solely of tears and love. Our friendship was immortal but why do we watch it die?

I was a lone ranger too preoccupied with my world to notice what was going on around me. I was one who buried my smile and laughter beneath the pages of books. I never cared to know what my classmates discussed once the classes were over. I never thought to wait behind and attempt the feeble construction of something such as friendship. I believed I didn’t need it. I believed I was just fine without that friend that sticks closer than a brother, or sister. I was okay being alone. And when the lonely days came, I buried the emotions in heaps of sad, depressing lyrics. That was my life. That was how I lived before you came along.

You came like the rainbow after the storm and showed me that life could be more beautiful. You literally read your way into my life. You showed me that those books were better when we read them together. You taught me that the lyrics made more sense when there’s someone to share it with. Even on the days when we were miles and miles apart, we managed to be connected and even closer than ever as we both listened to Don Williams’ lyrics. We reminded ourselves that truly, pressure made diamonds and our diamond would thrive. 

My friend, you brought this turtle out of her shell and taught her that there was more to life than the soothing walls of comfort she had built around her.

We were always together, standing side by side like brave soldiers in the army. When the storms came and threatened to destroy our souls with its fierce ragings, we stood by each other. Like anchors, we held each other firmly and even the fiercest storms had nothing on us. When the sun shone too brightly, burning away our smiles and threatening to melt all the love we shared, we came up with shades of movies and games and resisted that scorching sun. And when these were over— when the storms had passed and the sun was smiling again, we rewarded each other with delicious ice-cream for fighting so bravely.

My friend, I look back at those days and I miss what we had. I miss what we shared. We’re left with just a shadow of that immortal friendship, and while I know it’s this selfish girl’s fault, can we still try to preserve this friendship? Can we embalm this dying friendship with the sweet-smelling fragrance of the memories we shared and the hopes we hold on to?

Can we preserve this immortality and help it remain immortal?

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