It’s a fairytale like no other. There’s nowhere she’d rather be than here with the love of her life.

Her eyes, hazy with wonder and ecstasy wander to the photo album that preserved all the sacred memories they shared and she strokes it gently. Her head is filled with beautiful memories of all they’ve been through together. Even the photo album fought bravely.

Her fingers slowly trace the scars that run down her hands and legs. Eternal stories engraved on her unworthy flesh. Stories of fickle, unstable life. Stories of fierce, unwavering love. She looks at him, her one and only and tears roll down her eyes. He stayed.

Like Cinderella, her Prince Charming fought bravely against the hurdles that stood in their way, while she cheered him on as she watched as a mere spectator.

Like Sleeping Beauty, he was willing to kiss even this dead girl. His love awoke her from life’s deepest slumber. She remembers when she stirred from her slumber of numbness and indifference. She remembers his eyes as they gazed into hers, clouded with emotion she couldn’t even describe.

This is her fairytale, unlike any other and her Prince Charming has given her the best happy ending she could have ever asked for.

This is a tale of happily ever afters, for truly they exist. This is a tale of happy endings…

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