“I need my peace of mind! I can’t deal with this. If I just had this money, I’d finally be at peace. I’m tired of all of this, dad. I really am,” she sobbed into the phone’s mouthpiece.

Her cries tore his heart and her pain caused him immense torture. He didn’t like seeing her this way. But he was trying to teach her something and she had to learn this lesson for him to give her heart desires. If he didn’t wait for her to learn, she’d eventually ruin herself. He wiped the tear from the corner of his eyes and spoke to her in the most reassuring voice he could muster.

“Princess, first I need you to know that your peace is not tied to this car you need.”

“But dad, I…”

“Please listen to me, Princess. I know how much you need this. Trust me, I do. But you need to get rid of this mindset first. You need to stop tying your peace of mind to your fickle desires. Darling, they’re two different things. And they’re as wide apart as the south is from the west.”

“But dad, if I had this car, I’d really be happy and I would not have to deal with all this stress. Dad, that’s peace. And it’s the peace I crave,” She sniffed.


“No, dad. It’s okay. I know you don’t think I’m ready for a car. I know you think I should work hard to get one. I know…”

“That’s not it, Princess. That’s far from the point.”

“It’s not dad. That’s exactly the problem. And it’s fine. Good night sir.” She hung up.

He dropped his phone on the shelf and stared at the portrait on the wall.

“She’s just like her mother”, he mumbled.

“Stubborn and stubbornly adamant.” He continued.

Was he being too harsh on her. Should he leave her with the delusions she had grown up with. Should she always depend on things for her peace of mind? When would she grow up to see that there’s peace for her, independent of all her needs?

When would she grow to understand that if she could just find that inner peace, her needs would rush at her like a swarm of bees?

When would she understand that her inner peace was what she needed and what she should crave?

He stared at the car keys he had kept on his shelf. His mind went back to the day he bought the car for her. He really wanted her to have it but she couldn’t go on this way.

Her peace of mind was his priority and even if it killed him, he’d do all he could for her to find that inner peace that thrives even though the harshest situations. He’d give her her peace of mind. He would.

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