“Hope, remember when I said nature was a classic and I can’t get enough of nature? Remember when I said I basically look at the same trees everyday and I’m still fascinated by them? Remember when we said maybe everything was just continuing, and yesterday never really ended, but just continued today? Well, the truth is, I think you’re like nature. No matter how much of you I get, it never seems to be enough. No matter how many times I see you, I still crave to see you the next instant. It’s almost as if I’ve not seen you in a long time.

I’m basically saying that I think you’re a classic -I never seem to get enough of you: your presence, your company, your laughter, your sarcasm, your teasing, and your encouraging words.”

So, the dictionary defines Hope as “The belief or expectation that something wished for can or will happen. The actual thing wished for. A person or thing that is a source of hope. And the virtuous desire for future good.”

For me, Hope is all of this and more. For me, Hope is a person, but not just anyone, Hope is the best gift anyone could have. He’s the best friend one could wish for. No, he’s not divine. He’s human, with his flaws displayed in all splendour, but that’s another reason he’s such a beautiful soul.

Like fresh air on a sunny day, he waltzes into your life and brightens your day. Hope came into my life and opened my eyes to everything I had refused to see. He’s proof that truly, the Ministry of Men is reality. Hope is proof that God gives the most beautiful gifts to His children and really, this young man came as a gift from God. His friends know they can always rely on him. No matter what the weather looks like, he’ll come out anyday to give you a helping hand. Even if he’s down to his last #500, this superdude always finds reasons to share with whoever.

“Hey. Why don’t you apply for this competition?”
“Hey. You write really well, have you thought of launching your brand.”
“Hey. Spread your wings and explore, my friend. You were made for so much more.”

I’ll never forget these words. I’ll never forget the friend who stood by me even when life had knocked me down so many times. I’ll always cherish this beautiful friendship we have and I’ll do everything I can do to watch it blossom. Hey. Regardless of what today looks like, I’ll still be there watching, and praying for you. Whether we’re miles apart or not, I’ll always be here wishing you the very best. I’ll always be here pushing you like you do for me and supporting in every way I can.

Thank you for this friendship that survives even the fiercest storms. Thanks for this friendship that glows even on the darkest days. Thank you for the days you came through, even while I was sleeping. You know I have so much to be grateful for and this is a writer’s little way of saying “Thank you for everything.”

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