If Tomorrow Never Comes — A Letter

If Tomorrow Never Comes — A Letter

Dear Friend,

I write this letter to you because I couldn’t help but notice how you seem to love walking in my ugly footsteps. You do it even more devotedly than your mentor—me. I have been such a bad influence on you and it’s up to me to try to change that.

“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.”—are you familiar with this statement? No? Hmmm. Does Annie ring a bell? Still no? Well, you can’t be helped then.

This statement has always given hope to people in their darkest times. Or should I say it has always given me hope on those really dark days when it seemed like the sun had decided to take a vacation from all that shine, without realizing that she was leaving us all in darkness and gloom.

You know, the sun really is a lady. How’d I know? It’s her mood swings—you should definitely have noticed that by now. When she’s just fine, she shines warmly, by hiding all her heat within the foamy clouds and giving you only a bit of temperature to prevent you from feeling too hot or too cold. She keeps you warm, like you should be as the warm-blooded being you’re to be. When she’s too happy, she forgets that she should be in hiding within the clouds and she comes out in all her splendour and fiery-ness and leaves you wondering what you did wrong to be punished with such a “hot weather”. And when she’s too sad, she stays away, leaving you with a dark day and a gloomy atmosphere. It’s on these days we try to console ourselves with, “Oh! The sun will come out tomorrow” and we go on and on singing about how much we love tomorrow. At least that’s how it was in that movie.

But, what if tomorrow never comes?

I know you said you’d start that life-changing project tomorrow. I remember you decided that you’d ask her how out tomorrow . I know you promised to end things with that toxic friend or toxic lover tomorrow. But darling, what if tomorrow never comes?

I’m sure God looks at us from where He abides in all Supremacy and Glory and can’t help but laugh sadly at us, when we postpone the things that matter till tomorrow like we all now see the future. We think we know for sure what tomorrow holds, but the sad truth is we don’t. You don’t know if you’re going to be a millionaire by tomorrow, neither do you know if the rain that’ll fall tomorrow would take your roof with it. All we have is today and that’s why Oogway made it clear that Yesterday is the past, so stop worrying about it because it really wouldn’t change anything. Tomorrow is the future and you can’t predict that either. But Today is the gift we have and we should treasure it. That’s why it’s called “The Present.”

I know I’m just a young lady who still lives with her parents and all but here’s my little advice. Live every day like it was your last. Yes, tidy up those loose ends, make up with that friend, speak to that lover, call your mum, find your purpose. Do everything you can do today so that if tomorrow never comes, you’d have little to no regrets.

PS: I should probably post this letter today, but I’ll definitely do it tomorrow. Yeah, I know I’ve been saying that for two weeks now but tomorrow is the day you’ll get this letter. And if tomorrow never comes?

I can’t answer that, my dear friend.
Yours Faithfully,
The Unrelenting Procrastinator.

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