Life Isn’t Ice-cream — it’s Bittersweet!

Life Isn't Ice-cream — it's Bittersweet!

Helen had had enough of Beatrice’s whiny attitude. It had beeen two weeks since she had heard the devastating news of her boyfriend moving on with another lady even after several abortions and in that space of two weeks, Beatrice had attempted suicide at least 7 times. Helen, as the good friend that she was couldn’t take it anymore. She had to knock some sense into this naive young lady. After a long time of coming up with the perfect approach, she suddenly saw the light — ice-cream!

Everyone loves ice-cream. Or at least most people do. The soothing creaminess that comes in various heavenly flavours specially designed to calm your rage, moodiness or whatever negative vibes. Whoever created these bundles of joy truly deserves an award. Ice-cream just always solves anything. Failed your exams? Get ice-cream. Don’t know what life has in store for you? Buy some ice-cream already! Boyfriend broke up with you after seven abortions? Why, get two bowls of ice-cream!

“Beatrice!” Helen called her out from the bedroom she had confined herself in.

“Beatrice! Come out! I got Ice-cream!” she knew the whiny young lady definitely wouldn’t refuse a free bowl of Ice-cream.

It worked. Beatrice was out in less than a minute.

“Ice-cream?” she asked still drowsy from her long days of sleep.

“Yes, ice-cream. And it’s all for you.”

“It’s going to take all your problems away and after this one bowl, you’d never ever be depressed. Ever again.”

Beatrice gave her the “I thought I was the crazy one. What’s wrong with you?” look.

“I’m serious o. It will actually take your problems away.”

“Helen. See, I’m sorry I’ve put you through a lot but it wouldn’t make any sense for you to lose it too. What are you saying? How will ice-cream take my problems away?” she asked, tired as Helen had not even released the bowl to her yet.

“Oh. So ice-cream won’t take your problems away?” Helen asked, peering down at her through her glasses.

“It won’t. Or do you think I’ve gone completely insane. How will ice-cream magically take my problems away?”

“I’m glad you know it won’t. But the truth is neither will crying or depression. Both the pleasantness of ice-cream and the horridness of not leaving your bed except to try to take your life will not solve anything.”

Beatrice looked at Helen now and seemed to understand what she was trying to say. Her friend had always been the motivational speaker.

Helen continued, “This brilliant idea seems so ridiculous to you, because life is not a bed of roses and it definitely isn’t ice-cream. It wasn’t designed to always bring you joy and happiness. This is why your problems don’t just magically disappear but they seem to stick around for quite a while. And this is also why ice-cream has never solved anything. (I hate to be this girl too.) But it will never solve anyone’s problems. Yes, you need to take a cone or bowl of ice-cream to soothe your tongue and even your mind, but that soothing is only temporary. You’re still going to have to woman up and face that stupid boyfriend head-on. You can’t just sit around and mope all day. You’re only letting the two-faced liar win. You’re more than this. All you need to understand is things won’t always work out the way you expect. Life isn’t ice-cream, so stop expecting it to be all sweet and pleasant. Please.” After this long carefully thought-out speech, Helen produced a bowl of ice-cream from her bag and handed it over to her friend.

With tears in her eyes, Beatrice looked at her and threw her arms around her in a warm hug. Helen had to break away.

“Alright. Please go and have your bath already. You have so much to catch up on.”

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  1. Since neither depression nor ice cream takes away man’s unhappiness, perhaps, a plate of eba and ewedu should, lols… A wonderful write up, lesson digested

  2. Funny enough I have a friend who resorts to taking ice cream when he’s fatigued and depressed. It offers some sense of relief, according to him.

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