Something about FEAR

Something about FEAR

To Doyin, the Unborn.

So many people are frightened of so many things. Some are scared of success, while some are scared of failure. Some are scared of living, while others are terrified of not living at all. You should know that not living and dying are definitely not the same. Almost everyone refuses to think about their death days because the inevitability of such an ugly concept is enough to cause one to sink into depression. The fear of not living, however, is different and has more to do with not living your best life or fulfilling purpose. Some are scared of living a low life and never getting to be anything. You’re not one of them. You are scared of succeeding.

A renowned poet once said “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond measure.”

You’re probably wondering, “why would anyone be scared of power?”
Here’s what you don’t realise, as humans, once we become attuned to our innermost souls and the force that drives the universe, we discover so much potential lying within. I’ve found out that there’s so much for you to be, so much for you to do and yet, so little time. You’ve wasted enough time pretending to be like everyone else. You’ve wasted enough lives pretending that you don’t see the Light shining afar. You’ve wasted enough time sitting at the riverside. You need to stand up from this pit of fear you’ve dug for yourself.

Fear is so tricky. It shows you your worst imaginations and prevents you from seeing things as they are. It fills your head with lies till you begin to lose sight of the Truth. It makes you believe that there is no truth. You’ve lived for so long, consumed by a fear you didn’t even realise was holding you captive. But I have come to set you free.

At the tip of your fingers lie enormous power capable of shaking the whole world. Your sanity is the only thing that makes such amount of power so absolutely frightening. Forget about sanity. It’s nothing more than a mere social construct designed to keep people within chains and shackles. Think about all those who have done something incredibly fascinating at what point or the other. They all had their sanity questioned. Fear comes, disguised as sanity and tells you not to act crazy. But who’s to say crazy is an abomination?
I know how frightened you are about the end of the world, but darling, compared to the extraordinary powers you possess, even the end of the world is nothing.

I know how comfortable this shell you’ve built has become. I know how much you prefer the dim lights because the bright lights blind your eyes, but Doyin, those eyes would only get used to the true Light when you expose them to Him. You were made for so much more. You shouldn’t be waddling in the pud of life’s hustle and bustle. No. You should sail on the stormy waves of life and teach others to do the same. I’m not saying your fears would let go of you. I’m saying you should let go of your fears. Ignore them.

Stop being a shy light, my dear. Perfect Love casts out all fear.

Yours in Truth,

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