STRANGER THINGS —Another Nightmare

STRANGER THINGS —Another Nightmare

Ife thought that a lot of things were unthinkably scary. One of them, according to her, was the abrupt end of the world. Another was the inevitable death coming to visit each and every one she knew. On her list of scary things, there was one she never got to understand. She never got to understand how it happened, but it did— she’d meet someone and they’d build this eternal-like bond only to suddenly drift apart as if some unseen force had pulled them apart to become strangers. Like they never knew each other at all.

It had been over two months since they saw each other and she couldn’t help but fear for what the future held once the pandemic had passed. She couldn’t help but fear that time, the true test of people and motives would prove what they had as false. She couldn’t help but doubt that eventually they’d grow to become “familiar strangers.” She had seen it happen over and over again and its inevitability plagued her day and night. These fears haunted her, blessing her with nightmares and sleepless nights over and over again.

She stared at his picture— the one he gave to her before their worlds came falling apart. She looked at those eyes that once meant the world to her. Her slender fingers traced that smile that used to brighten her world and a sad smile spread across her face. Her heart that used to skip multiple beats at the sight of this face was frighteningly calm. The butterflies which used to flutter in her tummy all seemed to have gone to sleep. It was all disquietingly calm.

What had happened to the face of her lover? What happened to the soothing turmoil that came with his face? Where had this peace come from? And who was this stranger staring back at her?

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