Blood on a Christmas Eve

Blood on a Christmas Eve


         Agatha gazed at the calendar with eyes full of agony and sighed loudly.


She lifted her weak hands and ran through the calendar with her long pointed fingernails which were callously painted with different kinds of rainbow colours.


Her middle finger landed on the calendar space marked ‘24th’, while her fourth finger which housed her supposed golden wedding ring rested on the ‘25th’.


 The ring got her attention and she sighed again; this time, with more intensity.


That was not her REAL conjugal ring. Her husband, Jimmy, had bought a silver ring for her wedding, but she rejected it and bought herself a golden ring.


Ask me why? You’ll know later.


Her fourth finger tapped continuously on ‘25th’ as if, to remind it of its demanding obligations.


Frustration glared at Agatha’s face, her heart boiled, her lips trembled, and her body temperature rose.


The house became so uncomfortable for her. Her legs shivered, she angrily slammed her fist on the dining table, dumped her ass on the dining seat and fumed in fury.


She remembered her sweet days as a single young lady in her parents’ house.


Her father who was then, a businessman spoilt her and her siblings with expensive treats.


Every holiday was a time for vacation and merriment.


During those beautiful past years, everyone looked forward to Christmas including their lanky house help, Funke who never brushed her teeth until she ate three square meals. 


Everyone looked forward to the biggest holiday announcement made by daddy.


 It normally comes immediately after morning prayers at the beginning of every holiday season.


Just after the ‘Amen’ chorus, Dad would announce their vacation destination. It could be Paris, Dubai, London, name it.


Going on countless vacations and outings became part of her life. That was why she fell for Jimmy.


She met Jimmy during their family holiday in London. He came to visit his aunt who invited him over for the holidays.


 That night, was an amazing one. They chatted endlessly as if they had known each other for years. They toured the city of London together like newly married lovers.


Her best London experience was riding the London eye with him. It was Waaaozah!


They dated for just one year; it was the best year in her lifetime because Jimmy spoilt her with treats, outings, and vacations.


However, everything took a drastic turn immediately they became ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ Jimmy changed from whom she knew him to be. It dawned on her that he was taking her around on tours just for her to say ‘YES’.


Jimmy was never who or whatsoever he claimed to be. He was a joker and a player.


He was a desperate young guy who wants to land unto a wealthy family. He thanked his stars when he found Agatha and used ‘touring, vacations and gifts’ as a bait to trap her into his net. He was a fisherman who knows how to catch a big fish.


Their luxurious love life turned to soar just two weeks into their marriage. They could no longer understand themselves because everything that brought them together has disappeared.


To worsen it all, her father’s business dwindled the same period, and there was no place to run to. Her family became bankrupt.


She was devastated. Living a life of luxury had already become her DNA. She needed to keep up with the standard which her friends and the society had placed her.


But how? She had no job, no standing career nor investment.


She was broken and depended on her husband’s weak shoulders to survive. But she can’t lean so long on his shaky shoulders; she can’t keep up with an average lifestyle. No! Never! She cannot!


The door slid open to reveal him, her miserable husband.


He had returned from the godforsaken job where he earns peanuts.


She cast a long stare at him and sighed for the umpteenth time. Jimmy turned to her direction and stared murderously at her.


He had expected at least a ‘welcome’ but all he got was a long sigh. His heart was burning. 


“Spoilt bitch” He cursed venomously. Agatha jerked up as if she was bitten by a snake.


“What did you just say?” She thundered back. 


“You heard me right, you are a spoilt bitch! Quote me, Agatha! that’s what I said. An ungrateful animal that’s what you are!”


“…and who do you think you are. A lonely, poor commoner who dupes people to make a name for himself! I curse myself every day for ever saying ‘Yes’ to your stupid proposal!” Agatha shot her shot undefeated. She was expecting Jimmy to continue fuming in anger, but he didn’t.


He laughed; a laugh of mockery.


“You know what, Agatha you’re a fool! You, your father, your mother and your siblings are all foools!…’ Agatha was stunned, he continued, ‘…you guys saw me coming, but you never read the handwriting on the wall. You thought I was an innocent good guy, that man of your dreams, the man who will give you all that you will ever ask for. But can I shock you, I am not that man and I’ll never be!”


 He paused and laughed mockingly again. Agatha’s body was becoming hotter, her heart was pounding. 


He walked majestically to the dining and looked her in the eye.


“I never loved you! I used what you loved most to get you!” He uttered without mincing words and that last straw broke Carmel’s back.


 Agatha grabbed the dining knife, raised it and stopped half-way. She was burning in rage.


“Ha-ha, you want to stab me, go ahead, do it!’ Jimmy threatened.


There was a very long silence. Agatha put the knife down, Jimmy thought all was over anwalked to the refrigerator to get water but he didn’t know thedangerous an angry woman can be.


He took some water and was about to drink when the pierce came, right on his spine. This time, it wasn’t the dinning knife but the sharp kitchen knife.


He crashed on the floor alongside the glass cup in his hand after groaning with agony and untold pain.


Agatha wasn’t satisfied. She bent over him and stabbed him continuously with bloodshot eyes as his blood oozed like an ocean of water.


“This is for playing with me!” She uttered, rose and went inside her room.


She changed into another cloth since the other one had been stained mercilessly with blood.


She made for the door without turning to take a second look at him. 


Three days later, his decaying body covered with congealed blood was found by neighbours and Agatha was nowhere to be found.      


Do you think Jimmy deserved what you got? If Yes, Why? If No, why not?


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