My New lovers secret

My New lovers secret

My new lovers secret



One cold evening I felt like going to spend the night with my guy but on getting there his door was locked I was flabbergasted as to why he wasn’t home by that time of the night, I didn’t bother much since I had my keys.



I went in and called his phone severally but he didn’t pick so I decided to sleep in his guest room at exactly 12 have I heard the door open and some different voices I wanted to come out but on second thought, I decided to wait and peeped through the small window there.


OMG, there were dressed like cult guys including my mark no this can’t be what I am thinking. I watched them make some incantations after which mark climbed his roof and handed over a big gun to every one of them.


My world so this kind of weapon is in this house and I never knew. 


I kept mute and they left probably they were going for robbery, I cried and asked God why I am always unfortunate in relationships.


I didn’t wait till morning before I left because I didn’t want him to know I visited or saw anything.


I never wanted to see him again, I sent him a voicemail on WhatsApp and told him it’s over he tried to find out but no I can’t, I still love my life.


I shed tears because mark was a good and caring guy.


A month later I heard he was killed by some policemen. Oh, how I felt guilty I should have talked to him but would he have listened. 


I mourned mark as if he was my husband.


The memories we share makes me a shadow of my self.


Mark, I still love you even till death.


A week after his death I found out I was carrying his child.


The question now is should I keep the baby or abort it.


Oh, what a world.

Hell a sister.





Till we are empty Lord don’t be through with us.

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