My Untold story

My Untold story

Susan, I heard your mom say she loves you. She even calls you baby and other sweet names. why does she do that? Please tell me.


Smiles 😄 Tonia that’s my mom for you, she has a pet name for all of us in this house. I just can’t tell why she does that.


  Susan I just wish my mom can ever be like yours. She won’t even appreciate any of us for a job well done, but wait oo 😏 is there any special thing you do for her that makes her happy. Susan tell me, please 😭


Tonia, you see your mom loves you you just need to find out what makes her aggressive and help her out. Then you can have her to yourself.


I will tell you my story with my mom tomorrow don’t worry your self okay.


The story I never told.


Tonia do you know my mom was a drug addict. She beats the hell out of us at any slightest mistake.

  She scorns us as if we weren’t her biological kids. We never enjoyed parental love, of course, you know my Dad is late.


I and my brother got tired of her behavior towards us and we decided to find out what her problem is. The very first day we tried asking her hmm she barked at us as if we were total strangers. 

      We felt bad and my brother gave up but me giving up was never in my diary. 


That faithful Saturday morning I was cleaning mom room and I found some India hemp in her closet, tears dropped from my eyes that was when I knew my mom wasn’t herself 😭.


I started thinking of what to do to help, boom a thought came into my mind and I carried it out. I took the little money I had and I went out to get Indian hemp for my mom. The guys there stared at me but I don’t care because I knew what I was doing. I came home and I told Kevin what my plans were he tried talking me out of it but it was too late my mind was made up.


The next morning after we returned from the church I packed the Indian hemp as if it was something special and I wrote a note which I kept in her closet. The note reads.


To my ever-loving mother ❤️


Since we, your children can not make you happy. Since Indian hemp is your only source of joy. Since you have chosen to make us a slave in your life I decided to present this gift to you.

Mum, I don’t know what you’re going through but I want you to know that someone up there cares about you.



                            Susan ✍️


My heart beats faster because u fear that she might beat me up, but to my greatest suprise, my mom came back saw the package and the note she called us and cried in our arms.

Although she never told us what her problems were now no more Indian hemp and she is our best friend.


You see Tonia, I don’t know but your mom might be passing through something find out and help her.


Till I am empty Lord don’t be through with me 🙏












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