Coronavirus is the game changer. We will never remain the same even after this. This virus has opened up so many things kept closed, and for once, everyone is talking. No one saw it coming, it hit us like a stray bullet. 

The world changed overnight and a new era of life was started. For Africans,this was definitely one of a kind. It was hard for her to believe that a dangerous virus penetrated her impenetrable fortress and killed some of her children. 

The waves of confusion this global pandemic has caused in the world would still be felt in years to come as many countries are yet to recover from it’s shock.

While we all were enjoying our lives and snoring away at night, Earth received an August visitor in the ending part of the year 2019. The global pandemic caused by Corona Virus and named Covid-19 to mark when it was discovered. 

Many confusionist theories have risen since the virus was discovered which led the gullible people of Africa to believe it was a deliberate act by the white men to wipe them out of the surface of the earth. 

Many Africans considered Covid-19 a joke as She was spared of its wrath thanks to God for blessing us with a  hot weather and climate that could not allow the virus to survive. We are also grateful for our strong immunity without which we would have all died in one day. 

The era of this coronavirus brought a change in the way we dress.

 We had to adopt wearing a face mask/ shield to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 

In addition to washing our hands regularly with soap and applying alcohol based sanitizer, we had to also go on a lockdown to save our heads from being used as obituary posters for the dead. 

Nigerians really made a joke out of the virus, as they made cloths masks, paper/ tissue, rubber masks etc to replace the surgical mask that was introduced. 

The most amusing part was the manipulated results the National centre for disease control ( NCDC)  kept dishing out on daily basis even though they were unable to test 1% of the Nigerian population. 

People dreaded visiting hospitals during the lockdown as you will be accused of having contacted the virus and would be kept in isolation in a mortuary like centre where no one would attend to you. 

I forgot to mention that the force men used the opportunity to shine and earn cool cash from defaulters who were caught for not putting on their face mask in public. 

This made Nigerians to fear the Police and army more than the Coronavirus itself.

It was very hard to get people to stay at home during the lockdown period. Schools, Markets, Churches etc were all shutdown in a bid to control the spread of the virus but it seemed impossible as some people kept going out and exposing themselves. 

Hunger strike was the last straw that broke the carmel’s back, People were forced to go back to their normal activities because it was better to die of the virus than starve to death.

As it stands now no one knows the fate of the world regarding the spread of Coronavirus. It seems like it has come to stay like other diseases and we will have to live with it for now until we invent a vaccine for it. It just comes and goes but one thing is certain, ” It is the game changer”.

By Betina Okwara

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