One nation; One PEACEFUL election


They will remix that old song they once sang to tingle our ears.
With metaphor good enough to clone our tears.
You will see our story drafted on their palms .

They will recite our emotion like Psalms on that pew.
When they start to campaign; they will come plain.
From many background, surely they will come thru plane.
Like an old seer, they will tell us our story.

Listen to our cases with tears all over their faces.
To pave way into another four years.
Oh yes! 4years.
They will empower our brothers, sisters,friends to defend themselves for themselves and by themselves.
There will be no sound of sirens because they need our silence.

On that day, they will bring your share of the national cake.
Offer you valid handshake.
Mallam Aliyu Mai-Bornu  may not bone you.
Clement Nyong Isong will sing a song.

They will make you feel among, because of their seed in your hand.
Remember they want to poison and repaint your heart.
Make so much bow thru enough to make you bow.
But don’t give in;
Rather when they come thumb, give them the middle finger.


Get wisdom and understanding.

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