The Bloodlines

The Bloodlines

Bloody civilian!
I remember the echoes how the uniformed man made me feel so low.
But the air princes does worse; condemning the saints.
We were blood doomed

I didn’t deserve it
Sin caught, hell bound
’till from prison my staggering soul was redeemed

Blood bought I wiggled out of dark webs
Struggling yet he came; I was blood sought
Like garment dipped in blood I would no longer die because I’m dyed  in blood
And like Joseph’s  robe my true colour revealed

Too many sins was the response from hades
But no;  there’s a blood bank
He became poor for my wretchedness and in his stead I became blood rich,  did you say blood money?  I concur.

The bloodiest war ever fought
The bloodiest gang ever formed;
Breaking through eternity , redeeming captivity … did I hear you say bloody?
Yes!  bloody was an understatement; the nails paved the way for a glorious ride in heaven’s  train

A whole new world
Cleansed from sin and guilt
Salvation was my blood gift; such refreshing blood bath
Ain’t no body gotta call me a pig; cause I just got blood pimped.

With power and might
Every dead man can now break sin’s  grave doors
Arising in blood and Glory
So scary the sight that serpent runs to hide.
What a blood feast, I take the cup, I eat the bread,
This salvation lamb was blood grilled .

Free at last!
The blood speaks to take our world,
Walk we now as a blood team
Healing the sick and restoring others as blood beings
Daily generation g power from the blood gift.
Unseat demonic eunuchs we will
We’ve been blood drilled and we present to you Jesus 
Our blood King!


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