Who don’t desire life this higher:

A place faraway from liars and vampires

that painfully unleashes people’s crys
and turn our men into criers
with so great temptations and trials.

Letting down our escape trys;
not once, twice and even thrice.
Making us settle down for stew and rice
In hope to dice us into mice
and giving our descendants no chance to arise.

Give us a land sparkling, so full of milk and honey,
Where no CBN cashless policies arises when we’ve much money,
and every Man, so gracefully lucky;
With no one: Selfish and tricky,
Suffering and groaning.

That each morning does not comes with mourning;
Afternoon with after ruin
And the night with knights_
to make us restless and forcefully
taking our homes with strong might.

For we want to soar like a flying kite,
shine as the Light
and enjoy Joyance with delight.
Where we would hear: ‘Stop the fight’,
when quarrels quickens in an intra-flight_
saying, our tomorrow will be bright
by just keep doing what is absolutely right.

And again where the Supreme Being holds the anchor,
Lead, Influencer, Ruler and an core (factor)
In the matters that are purely raw.
So then we would give over being a folly and daw
because Perfection will come to erase our past deeds and flaws.

For we know that our present condition
is not our future conclusion.

Birthing words into imaginative reality

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