Breaking The Door

Breaking The Door

For the first time since ever, Kachi and I got intimate. I scribbled this on a paper and slid into my jean pocket. I loved my loose chiffon shirt on, carefully tucked into my high waist jeans. This revealed my very mighty ass—just the way Obinna referred it.

“When will you start to give those that do not have?” Obinna would often ask. I would crack into laughter while slapping his head for staring too long at my backside. I have known Obinna for quite a long time. He has been a best friend, who contributed to my life in several ways. Financial assistance and class assignments not left out. The smoochings, fondlings and sexual pleasures were other additions that spiced our friendship.
Obinna was a typical bestie for me. It’s only my first year in the university to acquire a degree in the course I never wanted — Civil law, but things only got clearer. We had known since junior school.
Then, there is Kachi who is just a year in my story. I accepted Kachi as a boyfriend after I discovered that he had so much to offer, but just one. He is quite indifferent to sex. I attributed it to the seminary formation he got or I may be wrong about him.


The young man in his late-twenties had left the seminary school and ended his journey to eternal celibacy. When I asked, he said it wasn’t the will of God for him to be there. Yet, that saintly nature of him still prevailed, he was yet to even kiss me on the lips.

It was exactly a year with him and I was bent on tasting that cookie. Either way, we must do something to celebrate our union. I walked up and down the bathroom once more to ensure I was comfortable enough on my wears. Finally, I glanced at the mirror and neatly matted the lipstick over my full lips. ‘If I perish, I perish,’ I mumbled, and stormed out of my room, towards the Government quarters where Kachi lives all alone in a one-bedroom apartment.

The journey was on a rickety shuttle which stopped from time to time to drop and pick passengers. I was not in a haste to get there, but only hoped Kachi was prepared to receive me. I had mentioned during our chat the previous night that we would do something on that day.

‘How do you mean something?’ He had replied. I read and ignored the message until that morning when I texted again that I was coming over to celebrate our anniversary. Kachi even forgot it was a year already. This led to another dispute between us the same morning. I went back to sleep in anger. It was barely 6:00 am when we had that ruffle. I rose again by noon and started to prepare. This was after I read a text from Kachi, inquiring of my whereabouts. I simply smirked and rose to dress. Loverboy.

I took my time to get ready with makeup and jewellery. The night would be glorious afterall. Probably, the saint has resolved it was time to break into me. I wondered who still preached virginity and chastity in the recent days when everyone indulges in the act. Everywhere around me was talks about love and sex; the lecture halls and the movies. If only Kachi could be like Obinna for just that once, I wouldn’t be quick to forget. I read what I had written on the small note once again. I was fully convinced that I would read it again someday, after we’ve had sex.

“Government quarters dey here?” the conductor shouted right in front of me, bringing me back to the moment.

I handed him a hundred Naira note and got down from the bus.

On getting there, Kachi welcomed me in open arms while I returned the short embrace. We never lasted so long in such hugs, only sideway hugs could exceed a minute or two. He had prepared a meal of spaghetti and fried plantain which we had together on the floor. Like most Nigerian dates, no red scented candles were lit, but I wasn’t concerned. The package ahead mattered more.

Minutes soon drifted into hours, and then night came. I was dressed in Kachi’s big polo without any underwears on, while Kachi was bulging from time to time beneath his boxers. I couldn’t stop stealing looks from time to time though Kachi never noticed because he was so engrossed in his phone. He totally ignored the nympho that paroled his little home. Frequently, I cleared my throat or stumbled on metals to get Kachi’s attention but none of it worked out.

 9 pm and Kachi was still on his phone. It was equally dark for me to check if the bulgings were still there. I stood and stared at him for like five minutes but he still never noticed. I moved on into the next door that led to the kitchen, the dishes from the meal we had was still undone on the sink. The two-layered shelves hanging on the wall had several empty containers of peak milk and other unlabeled plastic containers. I raised and observed each, shook lightly and dropped again. I felt it was a better way to keep myself in company. This continued for a while till Kachi chuckled from in there. I peeped to check whatever it was that stirred him from that position. It was the same phone. I wondered what could have occupied him totally that made him shift his attention from me. My mind was clouded with several thoughts; could he be talking to some other girl on our anniversary?, it could be he was stalking an Instagram hot girl too. But I got everything. I pressed her ample breasts with both hands and felt my buttock area with the back of my palms. Yes! Pornography. How could I not have known that porn could possibly make a boy get so glued to his phone with frequent smirks and small laughs and such bulgings?

I tiptoed out of the kitchen and moved slowly towards the bed. It was best to snatch the phone from him and run. I looked again to ensure my proposed escape route was clear enough. I then outstretched my hand over his head from behind and took the gadget. In the next second, I disappeared straight into the toilet and locked from inside. Quickly, I ran a check through the apps on the display page. Then, I got the shocker of my very love life. Who would believe that Kachi was busy with the highlights of the Barca and RealMadrid just concluded match, on the supposed night of his anniversary? Unheard of.


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