The Virus That Changed Us

The Virus That Changed Us

Over the centuries and from time immemorial, health has been the second indispensable category of man after the essence of his existence. Man has struggled and persevered in maintaining good health; psychological, physiological, emotional and to an extent spiritual health.Hence, the irreducible importance of health is inalienable to man, who in return goes lengths to ensure that he attains the best of it for himself and loved ones. So much that wishing one good health is customary. 

This is greatly conspicuous in the Nigerian society where people pray for the health of others and wish them prodigious health.

However indubitably, health has many challenges which poses as threats especially to physiological health, ranging from endemics such as malaria, to plagues like the Bubonic plague and pandemics like the Spanish Flu and COVID19. Coronavirus disease or COVID19, has been the latest and annihilating of them all. In this light, what do Nigerians think of the disease relatively to their health?

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a colossal torn in the flesh, owing to its instantaneous spread and the multifarious lives it has welcomed to its deadly abode. This disease poses a great challenge to the health sectors of nations yet its cure has been a needle in a haystack. Nigeria is not exclusive of the afflictions caused by this pandemic as measures are adopted to curb the spread of the virus. Many Nigerians tend to believe that our bodies are capable of resisting and fighting illnesses even without the use of medications. However, the advent of COVID19, proved that Nigerians couldn’t grow pachydermatous to its deadly effects. This led to implementation of safety measures like wearing of face masks, washing of hands, usage of sanitizers, social distancing, etc.

The health of the middle aged Nigerian is one that is often overlooked and attended to only when it becomes critical. The average Nigerian finds some of the aforementioned measures enervating, especially the wearing of face masks. People are seen wearing the masks beneath their chins as though they had detector machines that tell when the virus begins to approach. Upon inquiry, you hear such people say, “Make I die say I dey wear face mask abii.” Some skeptical ones, put theirs in their pockets or bags and make use of it when it is inspected or required of them. Another study showed that friends and lovers still kissed one other in the mouth and apply the hand sanitizers afterwards.

The nonconformity in local communities stressed the health sector further, as community spread continued in these locales and diminished the effort of health workers. Villagers still clustered in their numbers, mingled and associated among themselves, with the notion that the viral spread is only but myths.

The coronavirus pandemic changed the entire attitude of Nigerians as regards their health. While a good number think the government has played a fast one on them, there’s still the minority who have greatly crawled off their laxity towards their general health being.


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