For You Reading.

For You Reading.

Dear person I think needs a hug(everyone),

It’s been a rigorous year, a year spiralling in seemingly unending sorrow and disappointment from education to healthcare and security. I’ve cursed and cried for respite!!! What did we do to deserve this? How did we get here? They keep pillaging us, taking, and taking every glimpse of happiness. Everything is bleakly stark, devoid of a silver lining. Some days ago, a friend asked about my well-being, I said I was “omomified.”¬†¬†

We all need a hug, that embrace that holds you within the ambiance of comfort as you collapse into their familiar frame. A safe haven where you can weep and vent to your heart’s content whilst inhaling sweet moist cologne. Their hands would brush against your hair, whispering words of hope that they may not believe into your ear. Even if this scene just lies in my head, it’s what keeps me going.

Take my warm embrace, love.
I love you.

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