A day.


“A beautiful day indeed “ Stella stepped out from the cab going to see her boyfriend of seven years and ahh she couldn’t wait to prepare catfish peppersoup for him,he’s favorite by the way.

        As she walked towards he’s apartment building stopping to get some cigarettes by the aboki’s stall that she would light later when they relaxed as they gazed at the sunset 🌅.

Climbing the flight of stairs,she struggled with the load she carried.

        Screaming Deji’s name to help her she wondered why he wasn’t answering luckily she had her keys.

Unlocking the door,she set the things on the dining table now wondering if Deji stepped out she then walked into the bedroom.

         The image before her refused to process in her head. She wanted to scream but she let out a silent cry wondering if was just an illusion.

Before her Deji laid in cold blood with stabbed wounds.

       She cried and wailed feeling numb after hours of staring at Deji’s dead body,She smiled in the most vile way a person could smile and whispered “A beautiful day indeed “ .

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