Old Man Tim sat on his rocking chair, relaxing after a long day at his farm. He lived alone in a small country house far away from the town. He was old already therefore he didn’t have need of the polluted city air and the accompanying noise. He just wanted some peace and quiet until he passed away. He had clearly found that in his little countryside home. He looked at the sky; the sun was just starting to set. The sunset was very beautiful; it made him smile and ruminate over his adventures in the past when he was still young and agile before his own sun set.

He remembered his youth- how he had been a ladies’ man. Ladies were attracted to him but there was one in those days who didn’t even show the slightest bit of affection for him. Normally, he was not the one who chased after them because they always chased after him. This girl was very different and she was very beautiful. Her hard-to-get behaviour challenged him and all the more encouraged him to chase after her. Her name was Marie (a fine name for a fine girl).

At first, he tried the “show-off” method. He would go out shirtless thinking she would be impressed once she saw his abs. That didn’t go well; she even spat in disgust when he walked by. He knew he had to stoop to conquer this one.

He went to see her and spoke sweet words of love to her but she said she wasn’t interested. Then, he said he would do anything for her. As soon as he uttered those magic words, her eyebrows perked up in interest and she smiled devilishly. He should have known he was going down the broad way of destruction. From that day onward, Marie had him on a leash.

He was always at her beck and call. If Marie said she needed him in the middle of the night, he was there and if she needed a ride, he was the chauffeur. In return, she was his girl and that made him quite a spectacle in the area. It was as if he had achieved something big. One day, Marie called him when he was at work and demanded his presence in her house. He was confused and didn’t know what to do but when she threatened, he lied to his boss that his mother got admitted to the hospital and he had to go see her.

Tim’s life was all about Marie. He rarely spent time with his folks at home. It was as if he lived for Marie- as if her love was the only thing that mattered and nothing else did. If it wasn’t Marie, it wasn’t important. The crux of it all was when he forgot his mother’s birthday. He got an earful of insults and even threats. Still, it was as if he was under a spell.

The day he stepped out of his oblivion was the day he got fired. His boss was tired of his many excuses and decided to excuse Tim from the office forever. Tim was very sad and he went over to Marie’s hoping to find some sort of consolation but what he found added salt to his injury. He found his dear Marie in another man’s arms. He couldn’t even react because he was too depressed. He went home, apologized to his folks and told them the fog that clouded his mind had been removed. He was now conscious of the things that mattered.

Old Man Tim laughed after reminiscing over his own story and with a sad smile, thought of his dead wife Betty. She was a wonderful companion, God rest her soul. His stomach rumbled and he knew he had to eat because memories were not physically satisfying. He stood up from his rocking and made his way inside for the darkness had begun to set in and the stomach worms would start their own World War if he didn’t get something to eat quickly.

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