In my lifetime, I have gone through certain circumstances, some of which were highly unpleasant. There were times I would think “This is it- the apocalypse has come”. Those days, I would lock myself indoors, weeping and wailing about how miserable my life had become, wishing that tomorrow would never come and thinking about how my village people in their bored state had decided to use my life to play ping-pong. I feared for my sanity in those moments but I later came to the realization that life wasn’t always going to be sweet like ice cream.

In fact, I almost decided to sweeten things up by going close to death through suicide but God didn’t allow the wishes of the enemies to be made a reality. It’s funny how strangers became family and helped me in my hustle for a living. Some of the people I have also trusted broke their promises and stabbed me in the back but I pretended to be oblivious of their evil deeds. I learnt how to forgive.

You may be wondering if I have a biological family- I do. I didn’t always like to go home, the place I was raised, because home was not truly home for me. All my family members were against me because I had not taken the road they had laid out for me. So, they forgot about me but I could never do the same for guilt troubled me for the greater part of my life.

Nevertheless, I kept my hope alive that someday, they might come to understand me and genuinely love me for me. I knew that the pandemic of hatred would end one day, and when that happened, we would all be free from the chains of discord that bound us.

In the course of my life, I also met the love of my life- Oyinade omo Adeola. I was always a shy one but I knew what I wanted so I decided to write a letter to him stating my admiration for him and professing my feelings. It worked out well; Oyinade made our first meeting memorable as he also shared my love for food. It turned out that he was a chef!

He was always kind to me even after we got married but fate took him some months ago after blessing us with four wonderful children. The moments I experienced true happiness were the times I spent with my husband and children. They were my favourite superheroes and will be till I take my last breath (which is very soon).

I had other exciting adventures: my sails on the friend-ship and the lessons life taught me on financial intelligence.

There was another happy twist to my story: my siblings and I came back together after our mother’s death. She was my mother but I never did understand her method of motherhood.

Lying on this hospital bed, surrounded by my children and other loved ones- I have peace of mind for I have fulfilled my purpose on earth and served the Lord with all my strength. Therefore, I am ready to say goodbye to this “ying-yang” world and hello to my happily ever after above.

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