I shed tears as I watched my good friend, probably the only true friend I ever had, being buried in a beautiful white and golden coffin. I watched with sadness as the coffin was lowered into the ground. What a pity! A gem had left the world; the world had lost a change advocate. “Life is so short”, I said to myself. Who could have thought that Sandra would die so suddenly? I remember the last conversation we had; Sandra was in Abuja and I was in Lagos. She just called to check on me (as usual) and we talked about a lot of things, ranging from the weather to her latest project to help teenagers.

Sandra was just thirty years old and death had cunningly snatched her away. She wasn’t even married yet; she was too busy saving the world to save her love life. I remember how and when we met.

One day, in secondary school, a new student (Sandra) was introduced to my class. I was in Junior Secondary School One at that time. Not long after she was introduced, she started to relate with the students in my class like she was an old student. I thought to myself “this one must be over confident and loud-mouthed”. I avoided her like the plague because I felt she was lousy.

I had no choice than to relate with her when my class teacher, Mr Jimi, changed the seating arrangement and made her my seatmate. I was the gentle type, minding my own business always. We didn’t really get along at first but somehow, her kind acts and her good sense of humour made me realize that I was wrong to have judged her initially. We became good friends and even best of friends when we discovered that the distance between our houses was little.

We were good friends even up to our university days. We went to different universities but we would still find time to talk on the phone. Sandra was one person I could talk to freely, one who would correct me with love and the one who taught me to be self-confident. I was this kind of person with a low self-esteem but Sandra helped me overcome that. She also taught me the meaning of forgiveness. I, in turn, always tried my best to be a good friend too.

Sometime in the university, we became quite busy and didn’t talk that much but still, we maintained contact with each other. Sandra was always volunteering for this and that, making sure that she was contributing her quota to world peace or something of the sort.

I learnt a lot from her and I’m grateful God blessed me with a good friend like Sandra. As I left the cemetery, I prayed to God to rest her soul in perfect peace.

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