Sometimes, I think fate is undefeatable. Well, according to the dictionary I checked, it is. But then, I once watched a movie where a heavy-looking guy with a look of “over-determination” on his face said these words: “I make my own destiny”. I was confused and I said to myself “Can we defy fate?” Until now, I’ve not found a positive answer because fate keeps looking me in the eye through various circumstances and it’s saying “Yo, lady, this is your lot. You’ve got to accept it”.

One day, I was to write a story and I kept waiting for inspiration but inspiration didn’t pick my calls. I had to complete the story that day and I was running out of time. “Writers’ block is slowly creeping in”, I thought to myself. So, I fished out my recipe for writers’ block from my brain and started performing the necessary operations.

First, I calmed myself down and made myself a nice cup of tea. Then, I put on my headphones and transported myself to my very soft and relaxing bed. After that, I started playing one of my favourite games on my phone: Candy Crush (it has been scientifically proven by Doctor Me that candy crush relaxes the brain and enhances the velocity of thought flow!).

While playing the game and jamming to one of my favourite songs, an idea suddenly occurred to me. I calmed down and finished downloading the idea from my mind then I raced to my laptop and started typing the words for my story. At first, I wrote two paragraphs then I deleted them because I thought they were trashy materials. Then, I continued and in an hour, I had produced my story.

I sent it to my editor and awaited her verdict. She was quite skeptical about the content and from the way she addressed it, I knew that the story had some defects. What to do? I knew I could either correct the story or write another. I was confused but I chose the latter option even though I didn’t know where to start from.

Suddenly, a notification popped up on my phone. It was a message from The Professor, a friend of mine. I explained my situation to him and told him how fate had dealt me a cruel blow. I mean: after having writers’ block, curing the writers’ block with tea and five games of candy crush, writing a four hundred plus word story and then realizing that it was all a waste of time. I was feeling quite down and I felt like punching fate so he could have a taste of a cruel fate too.

Then, he made me realize how I was a victim of fate and writing another story was part of my fate too. So, you see, fate is your journey and it’s something that we can call an indestructible script. It is very flexible or maybe it’s rigid. What do I know? After all, I’m still a victim of fate.

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