“Aremu Alamu”, said the angel with a loud voice. I stepped forward, all clothed in white with little patches on my garment and stains which clearly indicated that the garment had seen better days. I was feeling very weird because I was a dead man or should I say a dead spirit? While I was alive, I had always thought about what lay beyond the realm of the living. Sometimes, I imagined that maybe I would find myself in a grand party for all dead people or perhaps, I would continue to roam the earth and haunt certain people who were wicked to me. I wish I had gotten the latter- there I go, wishing again.

As I stepped forward, a large television (that’s the closest thing it can be compared with) appeared suddenly and without any remote, it started playing. Low-key, I guess God or one of those angels was holding the remote or maybe the television just scanned me already and knew which disk to play. Anyways, the title of the movie it started to play was “The Life of Aremu Alamu”. All I could say to myself was “E don happen”.

 The movie started from my childhood. I saw everything that happened when I was a child: how my mother used to touch my cheeks affectionately and call me by her pet name “Alamu mi”. I saw my little self running around with a group of youngsters rolling a big black tyre on the muddy streets of our poor neighbourhood. I lived in the slums when I was younger as my parents were financially unstable. Back then, when my uncle from the city would come and visit us with my cousins, I would always feel bad about myself. That was the beginning of the construction of my little fantasy world.

Next, I saw myself as I grew into a fine young man with a complacent attitude. I was always wishing I could be like this person or that person, wishing I’d meet a benefactor who would just give me some money and make my life a lot better. The fantasies I had created for myself had made me very relaxed and so, I didn’t really take any meaningful action concerning my life. I had this mindset that life was so magical but I had forgotten that “heaven helps those who help themselves”. The recurring thing throughout the movie was my wishing and resultant laziness. If I had stopped wishing and started to take actions, I might have even become better than whom I was in my fantasy world.

The movie ended but I was confused. I didn’t see the part where I died. That was when I heard a voice that shook everywhere but surprisingly, it was sweet like honey. The voice said “My dear Alamu, I am revealing this to you because I love you and want you to realize your mistakes before it is too late. It is not a bad thing to dream but work so your dreams can be fulfilled. Stop wishing and start doing.”

“Alamu! Alamu!! Alamu!!!” I woke up with a jolt, sweating like a student that didn’t read for an examination. It was my mother calling me. I pinched myself to be sure that I was alright. “So it was all a dream”, I thought. Right there, outside my house, I went on my knees and thanked Eledumare for making me realize my foolishness and I made a decision to buy another JAMB form as soon as possible.

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