Feasting on Forbidden Fruits

Feasting on Forbidden Fruits

My eyes have seen that which terrorizes my dreams
Abominations have been awakened; Greediness roused from sleep
Mother’s precious jewels have evaporated in the boiler of the thieves
Papa’s pride, all of a sudden, has become malleable resulting in its distorted form

How can the plant grow when the meristems are ill?
How will the young grow if there’s no iota of living in them?
How will the farm prosper when the weeds have grown
From the seeds of the forbidden fruits planted amongst the crops?

My ears have heard tales like deja vu of the beginning of man
Tales of foul birds feasting on the forbidden fruits;
Of wolves in sheep clothing devouring the forbidden meat
Once bitten, twice shy; they have not learnt their lessons
You do not eat the forbidden fruit and not expect a house call from the Grim Reaper.

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