I checked my schedule and realized that I was running late for the Young Ladies’ Leadership Conference. “How did the time fly like this?” I wondered. I had signed up for the conference last week with a thousand naira and I wasn’t going to allow my money to waste. Besides, I had been posting pictures of the conference on my WhatsApp status and I did not intend to look like a fool by not attending the conference. I would have to post pictures of myself at the conference so it was necessary for me to be there.

It was just quarter past ten in the morning and I had done quite a lot of things; I had gone to the gym for exercise, jogged round with Man O’war, attended an online meeting and cooked up a nice meal of fried plantain and eggs for myself. I’m a very busy person as you can see. Quickly, I sauntered out of the hostel to take a cab that would transport me to the venue of the conference.

After the conference, I took pictures and posted it with the caption “At Young Ladies’ Leadership Conference…I love the woman I’m becoming #UpcomingLeader #BabeWithADifference”. Then, I rushed to the church premises for choir practice. I was a chorister and an active member of the youth department. In fact, I was the secretary of the youth fellowship in my church. I loved the choir because it enabled me to showcase my sonorous voice.

When I was done with choir practice, I went to my hostel and started preparing dinner. Even though I was tired, I made sure I cooked Jollof rice so I could post the picture on my status with the caption “Wife material”.

The next day was Sunday and so, I dressed in a long gown with a hat and heels to complement. After the choir ministration, it was time for the sermon. Normally, I’d be dozing but the sermon on this particular Sunday was really captivating. Pastor was talking about true happiness and he asked the big question “Are you truly happy?” I was confused and I couldn’t really answer that question even when I got to the hostel.

I said to myself “I’m happy… at least, I’m working on my life and I work hard”. I thought about all my commitments and I thought those meant happiness. Even though they were good things, I later realized that I wasn’t truly happy. I thought about the gym I signed up to: I did it so I could fit in with a particular group and not because I really wanted it. It was the same for my other activities- I engaged in them so I could be accepted by the society not because I wanted to do them.

So, I started operation “I Deserve True Happiness”. First of all, I was going to start appreciating myself and stop pretending to be someone perfect. I abandoned heels for flats because I wasn’t really into them. For some days, I didn’t do exercise; I quit Man O’ war too. I took myself out and dumped my schedule in the trash. It was my time to be truly happy.

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