Ilé-Ogbó – Ebunoreofe’s Diary Sessions

  • Tuesday, 13th of September, 2022.

How was the trip to this classroom in the middle of thick bush? This place we visited in January to sweep? It was funny. We stood at the back of the truck sent by Mr Labaika, the Ilé-Ogbó transport contractor. About 20 of us. The journey was shaky sometimes and fast. There was this thrill. When would he press the brake next? People were shouting that the driver was driving too fast. Other people “catching cruise” said that he was too slow. That’s the beauty of crowds. Sorry. Classmates.

In the midst of all these people, I feel safe mentally. There’s noise and I’m the order in this chaos. My writing is. It’s one of the things that keeps me sane.


It’s 2 minutes to 10 am. We’re done with our work. We’ve been through for about 10 minutes. Mr Emma marked attendance. We did some clearing around the classroom.


My group worked far down near the burnt building. We’re waiting for the driver.

I’m killing time listening to music.

Played my music through Pastor Seun’s speaker today. It felt so good. Music permeates my veins and gives me motivation. It gives me the feeling of cloud nine.

The network service is poor. There’s barely any reception here.

Okay. Bye. 


  • Wednesday, 14th of September, 2022.

Spoiler Alert: I may have spilled a little tea as regards the Hollywood movie titled LIFE. 

It’s September 14. 

It’s exactly seven months since the ASUU strike began. 

I’m tired. The only thing on my mind is bread and beans. The fact that I’ve not eaten anything apart from 2 pieces of biscuit gives me a headache.

Today, we shelled a lot of maize. Dimeji and I kept pouring maize from the sack into a big black basin, then one person would pour the maize from the black basin into the sheller. 

It was hectic and tiring. For real. I’m very hungry. 

So, I slept a whole lot today. I was really tired. Almost everyone is having catarrh here. Mr Seun, one of the PYTP staff, came today. He was with us in the classroom during the shelling of maize. 

I have done the preparation for the egusi soup we will eat tonight with Semo. I grinded pepper and onions, prepared the fish and sliced the vegetables (soko). 

We had a movie night. Joyce and Tomi were the organisers. The title was LIFE. Weird movie. Kind of. Science Fiction. Thriller. Scary. Kind of. The end was quite controversial and tragic. Anyway, we ended around 11pm. I was so exhausted. 

Something annoyed me. Ryan Reynolds died in the movie. Whyyyyyyyyy? Okay, I’m not sure who the main character was but I feel there were like 6 main characters. Also, if y’all don’t agree with that, then I suggest that Calvin is the main character. Period. 


Okay. Bye. 


N.B: All pictures used were taken by Akanbi Blessing aka Blemex [Ile-Ogbo Last Batch Photographer]. 

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