Ilé-Ogbó Semi-Last Day: Games Night


Thursday, September 15, 2022

Around past 9, the games night commenced. The planning committee consisted of Olamijuwon, Temitope, Tomilola, Ireshubomi and Oyinkansola.

First, I’m giving a shout out to Yinka (aka Landlord) for crowd control.

The noise was too much because when you combine thirty-something people and try to get them to follow orders, there’s bound to be a rebellion. It was crazy but fun. I was a bit scared because it was late and the street was super quiet.

The boys were making jokes every now and then that the king had come to the hostel and would require three fair girls. Ha! I laughed a lot. 

The first game was the Lemon game. The MC was Oyinkan, the PRO of Ilé-Ogbó Last Batch aka Oyin with the vibes!!! So, in this game, everyone picked a country. One person would start and say Lemon plus their country, then call Lemon plus another person’s country. The whole catch of the game was speed, accuracy and remembrance. It was really intense. The winners were Yinka and Christianah.

At this juncture, sweets were being shared. Chocolate and lollipops were being passed around. Yes. It was Item 7 guaranteed.

Then, we played charades. We split into two groups. My group won. Go Group 2! It was tough. One member of the group had to pick a piece of paper and describe what was written to the group members for fourty seconds.

The one I really enjoyed was guessing Mercy Chinwo. Matthias described her. I said worship; we knew it had to do with songs, however Othniel, the onijọgbọn of the Last Batch, got it accurately. We were all shocked because it was not the answer we were expecting.

The funniest thing was Kéjì describing Peter Obi. Her description didn’t fit at all. The group members were giving answers such as woman, you, me, model. It was really funny.

Then, we did Sing Along/Guess the song game. That was nice too but we had to speed things up because time was going. Around this time, Ireshubomi was serving Prawn Crackers. I ate like five or six. They were delicious.

The last game was based on the rule of using the last word said by the person before you to start a new and meaningful sentence. It was hard and funny. Anyway, y’all, proud to say I came in second. Hey, David. Congrats. David won the game.

Finally, the real Item 7 was shared. E shock you? Thank God for the provision and the fact that we didn’t have to pay Labaika for a farm trip on Friday. One drink and one wafer for each person.

Goodnight, fam.


Okay. Bye. 

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