Il茅-Ogb贸 [The Last Batch]: Movie Credits


Ladies and Gentlemen, 馃槑

Here are the movie credits for Il茅-Ogb贸 [The Last Batch]:

– Yinka – Able landlord. “Everyone under the sound of my voice, do this or do that.” 馃槀 Our negotiator. A leader.聽

– Ireshubomi – Landlady. Gbogbo ow贸 Shubby Wears!!! Shubby has a knack for organization. She planned a roaster for cleaning for the girls. She made sure that things were put in place.聽

We have the male tenants:馃槀

No one would forget the instrumentalists, Timi Sax and Joshua Strings. We heard music everyday – live music actually featuring Matthias, the One Day Boy, that sparked a musical revolution as soon as he got here; Tobi Adeogo and Nifemi, 脿w峄峮 ak峄峳in 貌go. Let me just say that Nifemi has a really nice voice.聽

Troublemakers, fall in line. You know yourselves. Afobaje with the 峄峬峄 oko and alak峄峸e vibes (Na Afo dey greet Ile-Ogbo people 岷 k煤 il茅 anytime we’re returning from farm); Othniel! Othniel! Othniel! How many times did I call your name? 馃槀 This boy though. Very nice. Othniel is just himself – free, funny and amazing all in one. Othniel made sure he had everyone’s picture on his phone at the end of the posting.聽

Nat and Elijah. I’m not even going to say too much. They were the most cunning members of the Last Batch. They applied their wit to games. Too smart.聽

Let’s meet the Men of God:

Pastor Segun Sanusi, I sight you sir. The fact that I don’t miss his voice around 5 in the morning says a lot about consistency; Pastor Seun, thank you for the soul-winning exercise. I didn’t go but a good number of believers among us did.

The chilled guys:

JayScience – I know that If岷 has a sarcastic side to him (I saw a little bit of that) but he was cool; I’m putting David here partially because he’s also partially with the troublemakers; Dimeji, did I hear your voice at all during this posting? I’m joking. But yeah, you get.

Special recognition to the busy men and tech-bros:

Michael Udoh and Chibuzor were pretty chill but I feel they belong here.

We should have extra special recognition for the guys that came to the girls’ place more often than not. If you see your name here, na you know. I call on Elijah, Afobaje, Tobi, Nat, David, Timi and Chibuzor. 岷 k煤 i峁a汗虂.

Next up:

Where my girrrllllllllsssssss at??? 鉁煒

Only Vibes:

Oyinkan is the boss. Temi and Juwon, please stand in line. 脌w峄峮 planning committee games night.聽

People we didn’t see coming:

Favour Adeleke gave us a little bit of a scare because she had malaria but she was ready for games night. Her energy had me laughing inwardly. Here’s something interesting: one of her roommates was Hikmah, the quiet and very smart Alhaja who also proved herself during games night.

Morenikeji of DMK Couture wey sew Owanbe gown inside this Ile-Ogbo. It’s the “assurance” for us. 馃槀

脌w峄峮 low-key Queens of banter:

Sarah and Grace didn’t shy from giving the guys worthy comebacks when necessary. Rokibah, you’re also in this category. It’s just that Rokibah is kind of chill.

Soft life:

I’m giving a shout-out to Joyce and Tomi, the best besties of the Last Batch, Princess (sorry Queen now) and Barbara as well.

The Mamas amidst us:

I salute Abigail and Christianah. Abigail was Mama for Freshlinks boys and Christy was just giving us Mumsy vibes.聽

Tiringb岷筴u but Energetic:

Akanbi Blessing aka Etiquette – This one no dey tire. She was also the official photographer for the Last Batch. Blemex ni s岷!!! Abimbola ANS, come outside!! She and Blessing have loud and thin voices that carry so much power.

Big Aunty of the Last Batch:

The only thing we have for Sister Hellen is love and gratitude for helping us tackle Afo when necessary.

On-and-off tenant:

Our premium Alhaja, Mummy Nusaybah, who graced us with her presence now and then in the hostel and on the farm. We admire your strength.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the storyteller of the Last Batch:

Ebunoreofe. I don’t know what to say about myself. Maybe you’ll get a hint if my classmates make comments in the comments section.

Okay. Bye.聽

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