“Not all superheroes wear capes”- whoever made this up is certainly a genius. Usually, the superheroes that we know are people with super powers (supernatural abilities) and suits that depict their personality or match their super powers. Well, I have come to discover a new set of superheroes and they are my favourite. They are not from DC or Marvel; they are the people I call my family.

My family members are the greatest superheroes I know. Let’s start with my dad. One of dad’s super powers is resetting of the brain to default setting. He does this with his famous weapons: the cane and his words. This super power of his has proved excellently useful to me as they have restrained me from walking down the path of destruction. He also has the super power of protectiveness, protecting me from super villains that come my way.

The next superhero is my mum. Mum is the second-in-command in our league of super heroes. She also has the super power of resetting the brain. She even employs other weapons such as abara, slaps and sharp knocks on the head. She also has the super power of sensitivity. She understands my moods and knows the right words to say. What more? She also has a super power that is one of the greatest I know- listening. She has the ability to listen attentively like your words matter the most.

Another superhero is my baby brother. He is a small child, just about eight months old. His super power is smiling and saying my name with so much love despite his funny pronunciation. One smile from him can make your worries melt away and reassure you that there is a beautiful side to life. The way he calls my name makes me happy and making someone happy, is a super power that is invaluable.

I am the last superhero. Yes! I also have super powers. I am yet to discover all but the ones I have, I am learning how to use them well for the benefit of people around me and maybe the world later on. One thing I have also discovered, is that super powers are embedded in every human being. You just have to discover it and make good use of it.

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