I looked up to the sky and smiled – it was one of the few things that made me genuinely happy. I loved the sky because it was home to the mysterious clouds which had mood swings every now and then, the stars that displayed their beauty effortlessly and melted the worries of a guy like me, the beautiful sun especially when it was setting and the moon in its gentleness. I sighed and thought of the decision I had taken. “It’s for the best”, I said to myself.

The morrow found me moving to my newly rented apartment. I had chosen the area for its relative peace and calmness; I was fed up of the noise in my former house- fighting today and carnivals every week. I arrived at my new apartment in no time. I unpacked my luggage and sleep whisked me away.

The next day, I was quite hungry but I was out of foodstuff. I knew I had seen a canteen on the way to the house so I decided to try it out. I got to the canteen and looked at its signboard which read “Bus Stop Canteen”. I wasn’t quite surprised – these days, people just indulged in weird stuff.

As I entered the canteen, my sense organ of smell picked up a very delightful aroma that made my skin tingle and got my eyes scanning for the object of interest. I heard its call and I knew my taste buds would never forgive me if I failed to deliver spoons of this delicacy to them.

Alas! I found her. There she sat, like the royalty that she was, on a plate made of white plastic material. My heart skipped a beat and my legs came to a standstill. There and then, I knew right away that I had found the love of my life.

Bathed in orange and clothed in slices of tomatoes, green peas and other beautiful accessories, my beautiful Jollof rice had become the centre of my world. Quickly, I went to the counter and booked an appointment with her. I had finally found happiness and I would be foolish to throw it away.

From that day on, I made sure that I didn’t miss my daily dose of my darling Jollof rice at our usual stop – at the Bus Stop.

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