It was a wonderful morning: the clouds looked extraordinarily beautiful as if it were Sunday in their world and the air was penetrated by the smell of akara elepo coming from the shop of Mama Alakara. She was a very lucky woman who had a lot of customers, loyal ones in fact. Among her customers was a young man who was known by all as Casa. The morning saw Casa at Mama Alakara’s shop. He purchased some and finished them on his way home; he would never know the internal consequences of his actions.

In the Body of Casa Kingdom, all was going quite well- maybe. The king, King Brain, was doing okay but he wasn’t given the importance he rightfully deserved; the Queen of Hearts was yet to agree to the King’s proposal because she loved her independence so much to be under a man. They had wonderful subjects who ensured that things in the kingdom went smoothly.

In this kingdom, just like every standard kingdom, there was an army. The army was known by its official name “The Leucocytes”. They were able-bodied men and women who were strictly descendants of the Bone Marrow or Lymph Node families. Their genes made it possible for them to be good soldiers and defenders of the kingdom. Some of them had superpowers while the rest were good at wielding various weapons. They were scattered across the kingdom according to their powers. Their place of training which was also where they lived was known as “The Blood Barracks”.

One day in the kingdom, an outrageous crime was discovered. The border patrol leucocytes had been murdered brutally. This clearly spelt war for the kingdom and it meant that there was a stranger in town but who was it this time? Quickly, the leucocytes went to work, investigating the strange occurrence in the kingdom. First, the bodies were examined. The coroner discovered traces of chitin on the bodies; the first clue had been discovered and it was clear that the perpetrator was from the Fungi Kingdom.

A group of leucocytes who were also involved in the investigation went around the kingdom looking for other clues that would point them to the culprit. Luckily, they found another clue. They saw rotten lipid balls. Another truth had been discovered; the kingdom was going through a crisis popularly known as “Food Poisoning”.

Meanwhile, the leucocytes received a call of help from a part of the kingdom where the fungus was attacking. Speedily, the Antitoxin squad was dispatched to deal with the situation as this was their specialty. When the Antitoxin squad got to the battle front, they came face to face with none other than the deadly fungus, Aspergillus Flavus. Fearlessly, they warred with swords and arrows laced with neutralizers to make the fungus ineffective. Fortunately, they conquered the evil fungus but they also lost some of their brothers in arms.

Everyone celebrated in the kingdom as peace had finally returned; little did they know of the impending doom.

Our dear Casa was crying in an office, a doctor’s office to be specific. He just found out that he had contracted HIV. He was regretting the way he had been living his life and the terrible things he was fond of indulging in. He was called Casa for short; the full name was Casanova which wasn’t even his real name but the name he had been given due to his sleeping around with women.

In the Body of Casa Kingdom, there was great trouble and the whole kingdom was in disarray. The barracks of one arm of the leucocytes had been destroyed mysteriously. The bodies were blackened and the letter H was inscribed on each body. No one knew where to start from but one thing was certain: another stranger had arrived.

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