Sundays in My Country

Sundays in My Country


Yayyy, thank God it’s Sunday! (TGIS). It’s one day when you get to dress in your best clothes and act all prim and proper. Well, it’s actually a day reserved for the worship of Jesus Christ by most christians so they can fellowship with one another. 

Sundays in Nigeria are very funny and peculiar. First, we have a typical Nigerian Christian family on Sunday. Mama will wake everyone up very early that day. Everyone will wear ironed clothes. Then, of course, there’ll be a CD playing somewhere in the house – either it’s Tope Alabi or one choir. Some people eat before going for their church services and others simply do without eating. It totally depends on the parentals. Also, there’ll surely be some kind of rush: “Tunde, hurry up and look for my gold purse on my table that the leg has broken in two places” or Papa will say “If all of you don’t hurry up, you will find your way”. 

On the way to church service, inside the car, there’ll still be some activity going on. It’s either Mama is trying to perfect her gele or the children are eating. The children may also be doing the Sunday School assignment given to them the previous week. In the car, the offering money will be shared, most likely according to age. You will hear “Junior, have twenty naira, and Adaeze, since you’re older, take fifty naira”.

Church service comes and goes in the twinkle of an eye. Junior and Adaeze will perform their every Sunday ritual and that’s to ask for money for yogurt which is popularly known as “ice cream“. The ice cream man is a constant k, ever ready, ever present. Of course, Daddy will give them money to enjoy themselves. Then, Mama will have about two meetings after the service; probably the women’s meeting and another one. Papa on his own will take to networking. He’ll be found talking to other men in the church about business issues, no doubt. After Mama’s meetings, she will still wait to “gist” with Mama Obi and Mama Eze, who obviously are from her state of origin or even her town. They’ll talk about that slim girl who has just got back from school and is now wearing skintight clothes. They’ll talk about the upcoming programmes and weddings. They’ll also talk about family matters. Papa interrupts their discussion by signaling to Mama that it’s time to go and Mama offers an apology to her friends as if she won’t have to leave at a point.

On the way home, Mama and Papa will discuss about the church service – general things. Mama may stop by the market if she wants to do some shopping. At home, the Sunday afternoon meal is none other than Jollof rice, dodo and meat/chicken/fish/egg as the case may be. It’s very sure.

After lunch, each person retires to sleepyville and then preparation for the next day is in full gear! 

So, I used to have that kind of Sunday until I entered university. It’s the hard knock life 😪(IYKYK). But then, I’mma enjoy my sundays with my very beloved concoction rice 😎 . 

Before I say odabo, make sure you go for church service folks – be it morning, afternoon or evening service. Have a fun-tastic Sunday!😘


odabo – goodbye in Yoruba

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