In a small town where civilization was just starting to see the light of the day, there lived a farmer who was known to all as Gabe. Gabe was a very successful farmer with numerous animals in his custody. He reared cows, horses and poultry. One of Gabe’s most prized possessions was a white hen whom he named Bessie. This hen was one of the whitest you ever saw, beautiful and standing out amongst the other birds. She was quite fertile and had produced beautiful white chicks which Gabe sold for pretty good cash.

After one long gestation period of this white hen, she finally delivered five beautiful chicks or maybe not. When Gabe saw Bessie’s chicks, he was happily furious because four of the chicks were white and the last one was as black as charcoal. Gabe wondered where he could have gone wrong: after all, the father of Bessie’s chicks was white too. He was annoyed and so he decided that he would do away with the black chick. He tied up Bessie somewhere so she wouldn’t be violent when he tried to take the black chick. While it was night, he disposed the black chick just at the town’s outskirts.

Now, there was only one person who lived at the outskirts of town. It was none other than Danny, a poor farmer who had no family. Danny’s wife and children perished when a natural disaster befell the town. He lost his properties to this disaster too. From that time, his life became miserable and so, he retreated to the outskirts all alone by himself, wading in his loneliness and poverty.

The next morning, Danny found the black chick scared and whimpering. He was touched by the situation and took the chick in. He nursed the chick and took care of her. He named her Blackie. What Danny didn’t know was that Blackie was a special chick. He continued taking care of her and when she became mature, he mated her with another of his fowls. When it was time for her to lay her eggs, Blackie didn’t lay ordinary white or brown eggs- she laid golden eggs! Blackie didn’t lay two or three eggs but nine! Danny was amazed by the sight of her eggs; he had never seen anything like it before.

So, he went into town and sold the golden eggs. He made a lot of money from the proceeds and he lived happily ever after with his beloved Blackie.

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