Darkness filled his heart but he laughed. He didn’t even know if he was crying or laughing most times. He was numb to his surroundings and the world. He had been living on bottles of alcohol for the past two days, ever since… No, he didn’t want to say that traitor’s name out loud. Thinking about her hurt a lot; it was as if she had taken a part of him with her. She was an evil woman: she stole his heart and chopped it into small bits.

That day would forever be as fresh as dew in his memory- the day he met Adunni. He decided to take a walk in one of the parks. That was where he saw a beautiful lady, the kind they call “dark and shine”, sitting in one of the swings reading one of his favourite books- Sweet Country Sweet. She looked so perfect, like a line from a heavenly chorus, smiling every now and then at the book. He walked up to her and from acquaintance, she became his friend. Then, she became his heartthrob and thereafter, they became inseparable lovebirds. She was his chips and he was her chicken. Their love was the ketchup that made their lives sweeter.

He proposed to her on a Sunday. After church service, they went to eat at one of their favourite restaurants then went downtown to see a movie. After the movie, he drove her to the park where they first met. The park looked extraordinarily beautiful at night. They walked, holding hands and giggling all the way like high school sweethearts. Suddenly, he stopped under a tree and then, he began to sing to her. She smiled that breathtaking smile of hers and he knew he had made the right choice. Then, he went on one knee and popped the question. He was very positive he’d get a yes and he was not disappointed.

The wedding: that was the second best day of his life. The first was the day he met Adunni. Their wedding was a small wedding graced by family and a few friends. He could never forget the vows they made that day: “To love, to hold and to cherish till death do us part”. With so much love, he uttered those words. He thought Adunni said those words sincerely but now he knew she never said them from her heart.

Adunni broke her promise to him. She ran away with another man. She didn’t even say it to his face; she just wrote a letter saying that she had found her true love and she wanted to be happy so she had to go. She even said she was sorry. Would sorry heal the wound in his heart? Would sorry fix the promise she broke? Would sorry make his life less miserable?

Even though she had deceived him and had broken the promise she made to him on the altar, he was a man of his word and he would not break his promise. In his drunken state, he stood up, staggering and unbalanced but still managed to find his way to his room. He picked up her picture and smiled. He kissed the picture and said “Adunni, don’t worry, we’ll always be together”. He even told her he was sorry for getting drunk and promised to arrange the house for her. It wasn’t over until it was really over.

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