Dear S.H,

Should I start with a Hi or how do you do? I think you would prefer the latter for you are rather old fashioned (no offence). It’s just that you existed long before my parents even thought of coming together. No matter what fashion you’re into, you’ll still have a special house and even a car (if you don’t mind) in the corner down the road of my heart.

I remember the first time I got to know about you. It was a rainy evening and I was all curled up on the couch watching television. Surprisingly, the power company didn’t cut off the flow even while it was raining; I knew that one worker had made a mistake or one of the bosses was celebrating his birthday. I got bored of the movie I was watching and I decided to check other stations. That was when I discovered a cartoon which was about a character (you) in the twenty first century. My curiousity was piqued and I watched that episode till the end.

After that day, I knew I had to know more about you. That episode of the cartoon made me know quite a little bit about you and the tiny bit made me admire you. I walked through the roads of the Internet, hoping to find information about you and then, I found the books about you. I downloaded all the books I could get my hands on and from that day, I began to study your personality and your methods.

I love the way you observe situations and analyze them, stating both the obvious and that which is unseen. All the time, I wish I had such trained senses. One other thing I admire is the way you’re able to read most people like an open book and how you take risks to make sure you get the job done. Your wise acts have saved many lives and that is who I want to be, a problem solver.

Even though I do not agree with you on some things, the good you do is enough for me. I wish I could be your apprentice but unfortunately, you’re only alive on the pages of those books and in my heart. Finally, I thank Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (May his soul rest in peace) for introducing you to me and the rest of the world. Ride on, dear detective!

Yours in admiration,

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