Jeluosy, a feeling I felt only on Christmas due to the fact that most of my friends always received what I wished for. Usually they would come by my abode and call me outdoors just to showoff what Santa had left them. I would occasionally look them dead in the eye and force a smile on my stern face just so I could show happiness. The other reason was because mother did not tolerate my negative energy especially on a merry day like this.


Time ran away so fast I found myself in high school and it was all madness. The tutors wanted their work submitted on time and I hardly had enough hours in a day. The weekends were unreliable, chores, they really were on top me. To be frank, the pressure I felt was way up the roof. The good news was that I was not the only one who felt this pressure. Even my foes were having a great time, honesty what kind of parent would not love to see a child bring home a report with subjects graded, Ungraded. It is great right? I enjoyed watching them get ridiculed in public especially when the parents picked their offspring up from school just to drop them off at the extra lessons they enrolled them.


It all started with the deepening of my voice and the fur that was growing out of my skin. The hairy was black and visible. All thanks to the school uniform which we boys wore. The khaki shirt and short really made me accolade to the title of Furball just after everyone had noticed my growing pubic hair. At least my nickname was cute, I did not get annoying when anybody called me. Even if it did, I could never beat the whole school so why not join them? My academic rival, Danny, had developed a beard and it gave me great pleasure calling him Grandpa. Agony pierced his heart each time I teased and he could feel the urge to ridicule me but yes. The girls laughing at him gave him no room to gather his courage so he did not bother to say a word. I knew deep down he was plotting something big.


The semester was almost done when I was struck. Stunned to be exact. She was walking from the classroom and making her way toward the school grounds where I was. Her hair was black, perfectly trimmed. By just looking at her face you could see the words beauty, clearly written in bold. I was about to laugh at her small nose but she smiled and her laughter echoed in my head. Now I was frozen stiff in wonder. Her eyes were like those of a lion, focused on what they viewed and sharp. Miraculously our eyes met and she stopped walking. Honestly, I was stuck in a trance. I was looking at her but she was looking inside me. The next thing I know is that I became unconscious.


I was completely finished in relation to my social status, A boy had kicked a ball so hard it collided with my head and that instantly made my body shutdown. The good news, Danny had noticed me becoming motionless and had started recording me. Instead of him focusing on filming the school soccer team. He captured my moment. The moment he paced towards me I knew I was in for a treat. Danny showed me the video as he grinned slowly as the punchline swept closer. Tears trickled down his chubby face and if it were not for the beard he would have made an ugly baby. He bursted into laughter and it was there I also heard her laugh.


She could not stop and I had to find her as soon as possible before my chance got away. I left Danny and walked as fast as I could down the corridor. She was shorter than me and was trying to quieten herself. Her right hand was covering her mouth whilst her left wiped away tears. After noticing my presence. The girls around her silenced and stared at me. She felt the drastic change and she looked at me and froze. We remembered each other and she looked a little bit timid. She called me Furball and I gladly answered. Her smile was waiting for me to say something but the bell rang and she winked at me. Just like that she was gone,  

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