Covenant Odedele’s List Of 10 University of Ibadan Students To Look Out For In 2022


Beyond being the premier and per excellence, the University of Ibadan has churned out excellent, resilient and transformative student leaders who have defied all odds to serve their communities, solve challenges and take responsibilities that consistently add value to humanity. And for this reason, I am making an effort to spotlighting some of these personalities. 

I have watched this set of people grow in the past few months of making this list, and it is evident that they are spurred forward to achieve significant milestones in their chosen field of impact. This is a list of affirmation that they are striving for excellence in their endeavours, and I personally believe in their dreams and I hope that they will all unleash gifts that will bless humanity in their chosen fields in 2022.

I have compiled this list from a place of personal relationship with some and the place of observation for others. I have not been paid to do this neither am I doing this to bribe any of them to get a favour now or later. In fact, I have not spoken to anyone in this list about listing them before publishing. This is just a list of other men by a man. And beyond inspiring others, this list should also serve as a reference point to any of them as the journey of the year gets tough. 

Asides myself, I present the list of the ten University of Ibadan students to look out for in 2022. IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER.


1. Neyen Williams

Neyen is a 400L Law student and President, The Literary and Debating Society (TLDS). Beyond her strides in public speaking and voluntary service, Neyen is a young energetic lady that is taking steps, doing it afraid and pushing limits. JAW WAR 2021 recorded a huge success, and revived the art of public speaking in UI even after a one-year hiatus. I am confident that Neyen would fit into the lacuna that her predecessor has left behind, and raise the bar higher again.

2. Bolaji Olayiide

Bolaji is a 300L English student. He’s a writer and Editor-in-chief at The Scoove Africa, and a public speaker per excellence. He represented the University of Ibadan at the 2021 JAW WAR National Debate Championship emerging as the winner, and as well, winning the award for the JAW WAR 2021 Best Rebuttal Speech. Bolaji is one to look out for in the UI public speaking sphere in 2022, with so much expectations.

3. IfeOluwa Ayo-Emmanuel

IfeOluwa is a final year Computer Science student, and an outstanding media personality. He heads the Student Media Personality Nigeria, (SMPN UI). In a university community where influence can be wrongly channeled, IfeOluwa is reimagining influence to drive change and advocate for a better community.  In 2021, he was nominated for the JCI FOPA Awards under the Most Outstanding UI personality category, and 2022 promises to be more influential. 

4. Georgeana Reuben

Georgeana encompasses every of the word, “doer”. She is a final year student of the department of Early Childhood Education and the President of UI National Universities Education Students Association. She is reputed for her erudition, leadership capacities and as well, altruistic service. Weeks after her election, she was pivotal to the fundraising for her predecessor, Jude Nicholas. And I am confident she is ready to lead the Faculty of Education only to greater heights.

5. AbdulRahman Adebayo

AbdulRahman Adebayo is a second-year Political Science student. In his first-year sojourn, he distinguished himself in the public speaking and journalism spheres by emerging as the JAW WAR 2021 Rookie of the Year and UCJ Most Promising Campus Journalism. He currently is the Vice-President, The UI Literary and Debating Society, and we cannot all wait for what Rahman is set to unleash in 2022.

6. Oluwatunmise Salami

Oluwatunmise Salami may not be the name you would easily reckon with, but you sure must have seen ‘Saltuns’von many designs in UI if you are meticulous. ‘Tunmise is a third year Agricultural and Environmental Engineering student who is entrepreneurship personified. He runs Saltuns Digital Agency who is at the frontline of branding, marketing and advertising. Saltuns is ahead of his peers, and we cannot wait to see what he would unveil in 2022.

7. Nasirudeen Afolabi

Nasirudeen Afolabi popularly known as NAS Couture is an entrepreneur and student leader. He is a final year Agricultural Extension and Rural Development student, and the President of the National Association of Agricultural Students UI. He served as former Executive Vice President of the Junior Chamber International Nigeria UI Chapter. And as an entrepreneur building a brand, he has distinguished himself. He as well is properly re-orientating influence to drive social impact, and I can only wait for his strides in 2022.

8. Precious Ibeh

Precious is a final year student of the Faculty of Science and has made a public figure name for himself. As a public speaker, comperé, podcast host and graphics designer, he is excellent at every of his craft. In 2021, he distinguished himself as an event comperé, as he was always in the frontline of compering for events and panels, and 2022 promises to put Precious’s face in the spotlight than ever. 

9. John ‘Dare Okafor

John is a campus journalist and final year student of the department of Counseling and Human Developmental Studies. He is the Editor-in-chief of the Local Press Organization named to be the best in campus over the years; IndyPress. He also leads Boys Without Borders, an organization that champions advocacy, orientation and sensitization of the boy-child. John has distinguished himself by being at the frontline of creating opportunities for human advancement, and 2022 can only be better. 

10. Adeyinka ‘Mascot’ Adewole

Adeyinka is a 500L Veterinary Medicine student and the President of the Students’ Union of the University of Ibadan. He has a trackrecord of high- achieving and enviable contributions in leadership, voluntary service and in academics. His strides at the polls and his efforts for student unionism promises a new dawn for University of Ibadan SU in 2022, as he is ready to champion the welfare and interests of the students. 


Thank you for reading. I would be glad to get your feedback and further correspondences at

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