Save us from perilous time

Save us from perilous time


Deteriorating climate conditions ;
The world is shivering,
Bombarded with severe events ,
The planet is infected and unhealthy ;
We’re at the perilous time .

What such an end time sign ,
mind is ill and pale,
The globe is panicking ,
Death in new dimension ,
Killing people drastically .

A ruckus in globe,
It got me thinking …”is the end now ? “
Bloody tears out of eyes;
Human are glum,
like a hungry monkey .

Oh Lord ;
We’re on knees ,
With hands up ,
Come to our rescue ,
This is unbearable…

Oh Lord ,
We’re in dire need of thy help ;
Have mercy on the globe ,
Protect us from this pandemic disease,
Save us from perilous time(s).

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