The Path

The Path



I was lost but i trusted in The Path. I hoped the path would somehow end in the start where i would find my way back to my origin. But the path never ended in my start. It did not get different from how it had been since i started walking. It was the same. Same trees, same animals that scurried pass and same leaves. No flowers blossomed while i walked. I was trying to escape from the fear that held me down in my past life but now there was nothing to look forward to as i kept going. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days, then days turned into weeks, spreading out to become months and months became years. I was stuck in the same cycle. I was lost in my desire for freedom. I died every single night when i realized i did not get anywhere in the day and somehow i got revived at dawn for the rise of a new day. I went through the same cycles again, seeing the same things. Feeling the same way and doing the same things all over again. It was dreadful. How long would this go on? The trees prevented me from seeing what was above and what was ahead, they would not let me view what i left behind either. The animals came and scared me all the time, making a mock of me for my every movement and every trial. Some became my friends and helped me with food and water because i  would not leave that path for a second for fear that i might totally lose my only way to freedom and plenty. Then the most dreadful of all, the thick fog that covered and made me so unsure of every step i took. I was blinded, even my animal friends could not help me out of this one. The most heartbreaking moment i found myself in and realized; i was alone and lonely. But i was adamant and would not give up. I have been starved of luxury for days and so another challenge would not kill me. I would keep moving on and i would get to the end, i was sure.

I trusted The Path. It kept me going regardless of my distractions and dark times. The path waited and never faded till i got out of my misery. Till the trees gave in and made me see light. Till the animals who mocked me started being my food to quench my hunger. Till the fog cleared and let down rain and watered the land of which flowers sprung and added beauty to all it’s surroundings. And just then, The Path got me to where i needed to be. To where freedom was beautifully used. To where challenges seemed like nothing. The Path had taken me through that to make me stronger for what was to come. It blinded me from seeing what was above and what was ahead for fear i would turn back. But i trusted The path and it got me to a better place i could not imagine. Far better than the dreams that played in my head all day.

I trusted The Path and The Path led me to greatness!

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