Have you ever wondered why man is different from what he looks? 

Most times his look is only a miniature of all that he is. 

For those who believe in the proportionality of character and look, this is what they say after spending months with you. 

“So, this is you?”

And seeing you again after so many years.

“You have really changed.”

Little did they know that man, just like a ball of wool has tiny fractions embedded in his make-up.

To unfold, it takes lot of years and then, we only find out few.

Can man himself ever discover all that he is?

Even after years of serious ratiocination.

And it becomes more difficult because we grew up in a society that dictates what to think and how to think it.

When the flowers were budding, there was a distortion and the flowers bloomed to show forth the structure into which they were shaped. We lost our own self even before we know us.

Deep within us are invaluable little gems.

Well, some will surface when we need to adapt to the unexpected.

We really don’t know that we are far beyond what we know.

…there is more to us than this.

So much more to us, a closer and deeper look at the sky and we will discover that the stars are bigger than they appear.

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