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You had a little or no answering this question, What is Real Love? Real love is of the heart and is a feeling of intention to be loving. It is easy to see the difference between love,Attraction and infatuation. Infatuation is what you feel, attraction is what you feel while love is what you really know about. 

   When you are thinking hypothetically, all of that can change though, but the moments when you set your eye on a lady or a guy, suddenly you are smitten and hopelessly, is that a love, attraction or infatuation? You can’t compare your mode of thinking when you are ten years to how you think now at your stage on opposite sex why, because your view on that has definitely change. When you get to puberty stage your mentality on opposite sex will change, So since you’ve known what opposite meant to be at your stage now, how can you cope instead of pretending about those feelings. Understanding these factors van actually help you in coping with those feelings maybe it’s infatuation, attraction or love. 

Attraction: Is when something prettier or wonderfully made appears in front of you, you easily get attracted to it. Many ladies would say a guy that make eye contact or move confidently to them with a smile can get their attention. It’s normal you get attracted to what you see sometimes but the problem is what you see sometimes might be the wrong choice because looks are decisive sometimes. 

Infatuation: You have a crush a particular lady or a guy but got over it and later realized you like him/her. Sometimes, you might not have feelings in someone particularly but because your friends went out with their girlfriends/boyfriends, you also feel like having one. but most of times people consider your outer you than your inner you, though a friend always say this *that ladies follow you seeing your outer you before they move closer to you now knowing your inner you* I noticed from his word that your outer you got ladies/guy attracted to each other before knowing the inner you. Sometimes your outer you might be decisive until you move closer to him/her now knowing that they weren’t as compatible as you think of. Infatuation looks like love but love is a romantic feelings but the basis of it is entirely different. Infatuation starts from superficial reaction to surface qualities, as a result Infatuation is as stable as castle made of sand. 

Love: With Love you have Good reasons to be attracted to someone and not a selfish one. Real love grows over more time. It’s likely starting from friends then getting to know each other then from there you started getting feelings for each other that you’ve never had before. Love is based on a well-rounded knowledge of a person strength and weakness. Bible describes Love has much than feelings by stating it as among other things, long sufferings and kind. It solve all things, believe all things and endure all things that’s Love. Love never fails and love act in this way is based on knowledge. Real love is based on more than physical appearance because when you are about to date a particular someone date with vision, date with view of leading to something great in future{ marriage}, If you don’t have vision of making it up to a marriage don’t date. Trust me, to know a Real love your heart speaks, trust me your Bible trains you more about it to know more than external image and gives you revelation blossoms times. Note that, Infatuation later fades away but know that genuine love will always be stingers with time and becomes a perfect Bond of Union.  

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