Becoming a Nigerian is satirical prose that addresses Nigerian society. It is reflective of the ills and rot of the country. It tells what it means to be a Nigerian at home and abroad. The book consists of ten chapters, each addressing the uniqueness of Nigerian society.

The language of this book is witty, quirky, and straightforward. Although satire, it hits you with the reality of how Nigerian society functions. Politicians, religious leaders, expatriates, and even regular citizens’ life all revolves around corruption and moral decadence.

The short chapters make it a fast read, and the author has mastered the art of sarcasm that leaves you chuckling on every page.

The most relatable line for me is from the chapter “How to be a politician ” and it goes thus: “That is why Nigeria is such a great place for politics. Yesterday’s murderer can become Tomorrow’s stateman.” This line tells how human life is close to nothing and how politicians do as they please to the citizens.

This book had me laughing aloud and sad at the same time. There’s room for growth in our society, from both the people and the government. This book showcases what we lack, our reverence of white people to our detriment.

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