Book review: Kane and Abel


Book review Kane and Abel by Jeffery archer.
Kane and Abel is a famous novel trilogy by the British author Jeffery archer. I don’t know what to expect as this is my first-time reading Jeffery archer’s work. The biblical book of genesis inspired the title of the book, albeit “Kane” is spelled instead of “Cain” in the bible. This book was released in the United Kingdom in 1979 and February 1980 in the united states. It is recognized worldwide as it peaked No.1 on the New-York times’ bestseller list.

This book takes you on two different boys; William Kane and Abel (wladek) Rosnovski. William Kane comes from a wealthy background and grows up with the finest things. Unfortunately, he lost his parent at a tender age and was left to the care of his grandmas, while Abel(wladek) was adopted by a low-income family and named wladek at birth. The baron later discovers him due to his intelligence. Abel moves to the castle, where he becomes best friends with the baron’s son Leon. War broke out in the country, and the polish side suffered a great deal. Abel lost his best friend and his biological father, who he discovered is the baron.

Abel went to slave camps, and he toiled for months, but with the help of the camp doctor, he was able to escape. He wandered around for years until he finally landed in the united states of America, where he started a new life as a waiter.

Abel and Kane crossed paths when Kane’s bank foreclosed Abel’s boss, Davis Leroy hotel. Abel begged William for reconsideration, but William could not offer any help. Davis Leroy commits suicide, and Abel blames William for it and vows to take revenge.

Even after becoming a successful hotelier of the baron group, Abel plots his revenge against William. His only stumbling block is the marriage between his daughter, Florentyna, and William’s son Richard. Eventually’ Abel took the bank but later realized that William had helped him in the past. Unfortunately, He can’t redeem his ways because William Kane is dead, and Abel Rosnovski dies shortly after.

This book is like watching a movie in your head because a lot of character and plot development occurs, so many activities are going on in the character’s life.
I also love the fusion of polish history and world war. Reading history and fiction is fun because it is edutainment at its finest, and I learned about that part of the world.

Some parts of the book seemed rushed, like Florentyna’s and Richard’s marriage. Their union lacked depth from the author and wrote like an afterthought. A bit more depth would have done justice to that part of the novel.
Also, at some point, the writing became bland, but the intriguing plot kept me going.

Kane and Abel is a subtle chilled thriller without many twists and suspense and a fantastic book to keep you going. It is a 7/10 for me.

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  1. Kane and Abel is one of my favorite books. Read it more than 5 times and your review was really spot on.

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