Oxygen for Success
I sat alone in the woods, expecting things to turn out well. I knew things don’t work without efforts, but I was just frustrated of trying to make things work when they refused to work. In my thought it was like the end of it all.
I am a student of the University of Casana. I have performed well in all my courses ever from the beginning of my program in the university until now my final year. There was this course that has been a hornet’s net. My mates have graduated and have started working. I was in dilemma on the way to go. This is my third time repeating this same course. I was frustrated. Each time I fail I am sober, some days after I get myself encouraged and determined to face it the following year. My problem as been this time, I wish the exam could come immediately after my failure. I was sure I was going to pass if it did. My determinations were strong enough but I needed time too. I needed time to prepare and plan for success but a year was just too much. I still have some other life burdens to bear. My family and friends are waiting earnestly to hear the news I passed but every year’s song seems not to change. They were disappointed. I myself was disappointed. Most times I can’t just tell people I am still struggling with my final papers. I had to lie; claiming I am in one big company working as a managing director then my looks instantly betrays my words accusing me of being a liar. I am frustrated with time. What amazed me most is that without this same time I could never write the examination. Time played a significant role in my success. The way I use my time will determine if I was going to pass or not. Time remained the oxygen for my success.
Few days to the examination, I had been studying effortlessly. I was even use to it. This time around was definitely going to be different was the hope even though I was frustrated in my hope and close to my heart was fear. My heart kept on inhaling fears of time. I was lost in my world.
Then suddenly I was sleeping soundly neglecting my fears. I woke up hopeful, I went back to my hostel with a strong hope something different might happen this time around. I continued studying day and night.
One night I woke up to ask myself. “Caleb! Why have you been failing? You have been reading, attending lectures, doing your assignment. Why have you been failing?
I discovered that it wasn’t just my time for success. My father usually tells me that everyone in life has his own time. Most times we think differently. Our thought has been succeeding with our mate. We have always believed since we started school together, graduated through different class together that everything seems to happen at the same time. We have forgotten that along the line some of mate repeated, some were not able to complete school. We never knew that we were not succeeding together, each time there is a turn for success, not everyone was able to complete that turn, and some fell off to their time. I then discovered that the same thing has happened to me. I have fallen off from their success time to my time. Their time for success is definitely different from mine. Therefore every failure leads I had lead me to my time of success.
Discovering this, I was excited and anxious. I immediately believed that even if I failed this forthcoming examination it is an indication I was closer to my time. I buckled down and prepare more for the exam expecting this will be my time and if not it will bring me closer to my time.
On the examination day, I was happy and certain. I wasn’t my usual self who was always devastated on the examination day. I used to answer my entire question with fears of it not been correct. This time around I answered the question with the hope of time I inhales. The question appeared simple. The questions were fond of appearing simple while the result appeared otherwise. I finished and summited before others. Everyone wondered while I summited fast because they knew what the examination meant to me. They didn’t expect me to summit fast because they thought I am suppose to be every thorough with it making sure no mistake occurred ensuring my success. I did my best and summited with the hope I had.
Weeks later, the result was announced to have been released. I was found by James in an empty train inhaling the hope of time before I was going to the result. There I was sleeping frustrated thinking this might not be my time again. I never knew time was my oxygen of success. James showed up announcing I made it at last, not just making it but the University has signed to employ me as a lecturer in the school.
I stood and thought for a minute, many of my mate I claim they had graduated and left me in school are still looking for job, I found job even before my graduation. I discovered the oxygen time produces is life.

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