Introduction to Psychos

Introduction to Psychos

Captain Barbossa was stranded in a shoot out. The Black Pearl entangled in the devil’s anus with the flying Dutchman. It was probably the most glorious battle I had watched in a movie.

With guns and knives. Sticks and cannons. Calypso helping neither side but fueling the battle irrespective, with her madness, driven by her hateful love for Davy Jones.

I watched that day, sagging my ears with the juicy rhythm of Hans Zimmer’s symphonies. But of all that battle had to offer, a particular statement struck me. Captain Barbossa with his chin lifted high and his pirate’s hat wet and dripping, spat the words to the air, “Dying is the day worth living for”.

Today, I have a secret to share with the world. Not the fact my mind has been fragmented into many tiny bits, nor that I have been in love with the same girl since I was 4 years old.

This secret is about my death.

Yes, not the usual topic you read about, and definitely not one you’ll want to experience any decade soon. But for me it’s different.

After four failed suicide attempts and a tincture of extra concentrated hemlock that happened to have no effect on me; I have come to the conclusion I definitely have a death wish.

I spoke to a doctor about it and after three sessions with a psychiatrist, I stopped going.

“Compulsive Attention Drive”, he called it. Staking that I took on this suicide notions so that I could be favoured, and so I could get more attention.


Me. The only male child of three and the last born at that. I’d been showered with love all my life and I’ve never noted anything less.

Life has been amazing. I speak two International languages, I play three musical instruments, dozens of digital skills and even a girlfriend that loves me more than I love myself. Yet with enough money from my parents to see me through life without a single day of work.

But none of these stopped my hiding in my cupboard and pouring down a big chunck of arsenic into my beverage.

Whatever the world wants to call it. Tagging it with whatever nomenclature. Just like many people out there, I am sick.

Sabotaging every attempt at life success with only one goal in life: Death.


Well at this point, you may be wondering what kind of psycho I am. Funny. Cos, I wasn’t talking about me.

This my fellow readers, is a story I heard the wall speak to me yesterday.

Did I forget to mention: I talk to Walls.

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