Womb Stone

Womb Stone


How about we say the truth?
The shrine is empty.
Neither Iyaloja nor the midwives
Nor the women to sing her victory
When the baby is delivered
Our eyes met no one.
Peradventure you were right, Olori Aresa
That the slave princess was never pregnant
That she fooled the whole kingdom
So the mockery of her barrenness,
Be tenderly forgotten.
What a great deception, Kabiyesi!
A calabash under her buba?
Of different sizes and texture?
Aremo must be a part of it
Covering her shame and hiding the truth
The slave princess cannot bear a child.
The shrine is empty, and no sound is heard

Oh! Look towards the horizon,
Alas, the company approaches.
But why do they keep mute?
Why do the drums not beat mightily
the sounds of jubilation?



Kabiyesi o!
Kade o pe’lori
Ki bata a pe’lese
Ki leke o pe’lorun
Atilo atide!
The princess has delivered
Okuta is its name.
Aremo took it to the river
And with it, the body of its mother.
Aremo’s bones are weak and torn with grief.
For he watched his wife,
Give her life to birth a stone.
Just as this witch Aresa said.
This soulless elf you call your Olori.
Behead me if you must, kabiyesi!
What woman can carry such venom
Cos her son hooked a slave of the fish tribe.
She would give everything to doom her son.

May the throne sit well with you.
As you live forever.
The grandfather of a stone.

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